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Lauren H.

Degree: Chemistry (Masters) - Durham University

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About me: I am a second year chemistry student at Durham University. I have a huge passion for the sciences and mathematics. I feel that this passion is reflected in my academic achievements to date. Studying chemistry has been far from easy and I have had to work particularly hard to grasp many of the concepts. I have had to persevere and have had to be particularly patient when getting my head around these concepts. These qualities I will bring forward to tutoring your child ensuring they gain an understanding of the concepts they are struggling with. I have had many tutoring experinces particularly tutoring maths to mixed age groups and abilities. Two of my most recent students managed to attain marks that exceeded those predicted by their teacher. This was hugely rewarding and required a lot of time and commitment to seeing the overall result. Lessons: My aim for the lessons is to provide a fun environment to understand, consolidate and practice concepts in preparation for your childs exams. I believe that first a foremost a child needs to have a passion for the subject they are studying and I feel by providing a fun environment this will hopefully promote in the child a desire to learn the subject rather than seeing it as a chore.  I will start by going over concepts and identifying any areas that are weaker than others and then build from there. Providing questions to consolidate learning and then exam papers when nearing exams. I will be able to assist in the revision process suggesting ways that may enhance their study techniques. Further help: I took a gap year prior to university. So I am able to offer further advice on the application process, my gap year experience and my university life so far; balancing a university sport alongside my degree.

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Chemistry A Level £24 /hr
Chemistry GCSE £22 /hr
Maths GCSE £22 /hr


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Weeks availability
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Georgia (Student) June 18 2017


Georgia (Student) June 2 2017

very helpful

Georgia (Student) April 20 2017

She is very thorough when going through topics and explains thing extremely well when i don't quite understand. A very good tutor!

Georgia (Student) June 26 2017

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