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Degree: Medicine (Doctorate) - Imperial College London University

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About me

About me:

Thank you for looking at my profile. 

I am a medical graduate at Imperial College London, having recently passed my MBBS final exams (with distinctions in General Practice and Obstetrics and Gynaecology) and a BSc in Reproductive and Developmental Sciences.

Medical school admissions:

I remember vividly how difficult getting into medical school was and how overwhelming the whole process seemed.  Growing up in NE England, I remember how little guidance was offered by my school and the lack of local external courses to help with the process; external courses that are often expensive and require students to travel long distances to attend.  I aim to help budding medics to overcome these barriers.

I offer one-to-one, personalised, professional mentoring and coaching covering all aspects of the admissions process:

Life at medical school and as a doctor.

Choosing the right medical school for you.

Personal statements.

Volunteering and extra-currcicular activities advice.

How to get the most out of work experience placements.

Mock interview practice.

Entrance examinations.

Common discussion topics and issues within medicine today.


As both a medical and science graduate, I can also offer help to students requiring A-level and GCSE Biology and Human Biology tutoring.

My experience;

Doctors are expected to teach throughout their careers, and I have taken advantage of the opportunities afforded to me in medical school.  I have taught students both formally and informally in both the hospital and seminar settings.  As part of my course I was required to complete a teaching skills course, which I passed 'Above Expectations'.

I have coached students previously at several events ran by hospitals and universities in London, helping them with personal statement drafting and mock interview practice.

What you can expect:

I like to get to know my students and adapt my learning approach to them. I am enthusiastic, hard-working and very passionate about all things medicine.  As someone who understands first hand how difficult and stressful getting medical school entry can be, I endeavour to help students to the best of my ability and help them to realise their potential as the Doctors of Tomorrow.

Subjects offered

Biology A Level £20 /hr
Human Biology A Level £20 /hr
Biology GCSE £18 /hr
Human Biology GCSE £18 /hr
-Medical School Preparation- Mentoring £22 /hr
-Personal Statements- Mentoring £22 /hr
.BMAT (BioMedical Admissions) Uni Admissions Test £25 /hr
.UKCAT. Uni Admissions Test £25 /hr


Reproductive and Developmental SciencesDegree (Bachelors)2:1 (Hons)
MedicineDoctoratePass with Distinction
Disclosure and Barring Service

CRB/DBS Standard


CRB/DBS Enhanced


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Currently unavailable: until

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Weeks availability
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Questions Ryan has answered

I'm thinking of applying for medical school. Where do I start?

At medicine career and appliations events for 6th form/college students I have helped run, I have been asked this question on several occasions - both by students who are just starting to consider Medicine as a career, and those who feel they do not have appropriate support at their school or ...

At medicine career and appliations events for 6th form/college students I have helped run, I have been asked this question on several occasions - both by students who are just starting to consider Medicine as a career, and those who feel they do not have appropriate support at their school or college regarding careers. Being in the latter category myself, I fully sympathise.

I advise students that the first thing to think about is whether they would like a career in medicine.  It is well known that applicants must have a good aptitude for science as well as good communication and people skills, but there is more to being a doctor, and I feel that students do have to be realistic about the demands of the profession. It is hard work, it is pressure-filled and may not renumerate them as much as other professional jobs, but it is a career that caries variety like no other.  Doctors have a lot of responsibilty and respect, and all of this leads us to have high job satisfaction levels, and students can as well if they are prepared to put in the hard work.

I would also add that many students feel that the science taught at medical school might be too hard for them.  I would reply that it isn't - the science is not much beyond A-level (especially to begin with) - I would state that the volume of knowledge needed is significantly larger than A-Levels and indeed many other undergraduate degrees.  Students at medical school tend to be supported well by both the school and by fellow students as well, often forming study groups (as I did myself).  Nevertheless, it is not enough to be clever at medical school, candidates must also be hard-working.

I would give students the wealth of my experience at medical school regarding this question - depending upon what they asked.  Put simply however, I would not trade my time at medical school for anything else.

Beyond this, I would advise students about the applications process itself, guiding them through different medical schools and types of courses, UCAS, personal statements, work experience, admissions tests (UKCAT and BMAT) and interview practice.

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