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Shaan P.

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Degree: Philosophy and Theology and Religious Studies (Bachelors) - Leeds University

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About me

About Me:

I am a student at the University of Leeds studying Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies. When I was in secondary school I had a passion for ALL my subjects. Similarly, my degree course includes a little bit of everything which sparks my enthusiasm. My course encapsulates everything from English, Literature, Anthropology, History, Psychology, Sociology, Citizenship/Politics and Logic to an extensive element of RS. I hope my tutorials will spark a similar if not, an even stronger passion for those engaged in my tutorials.

I am very out-going and extremely understanding. One thing I have learnt whilst tutoring children from both Primary & Secondary Schools is to be patient, and I too look forward towards the challenges the students bring and guide them on these.


Firstly, Keep calm and don’t panic!

I will be using a wide range of techniques to help understand the key things for exams, remember regardless of what exam board you are studying with, the examiners do not expect you to know everything off-by-heart so since I am a huge advocate for creativity and imagination, I will help you personalise key notes in a way that is meaningful to you and you can remember easily even in another 100 years’ time!  My main aim is to make sure you actually remember the content and not regurgitate information from textbooks! But I can honestly say it will be really fun!

‘What about University Applications?’

I can help with anything & everything relating to UCAS. Having carried out UCAS surgery sessions at school for my peers alongside teachers, I can check UCAS personal statements regardless of what course or University. (I would advise to look closely at Russel Groups!)

‘Now what’?

If you have any questions, send me a 'WebMail' or book a 'Meet the Tutor Session'! (accessible through this website). Please be clear with details such as your exam board and what you're struggling with. We both do not want to spend an hour or so learning wrong material for the wrong exam board!!!

I relish the chance of meeting anyone and everyone!

Subjects offered

Religious Studies A Level £22 /hr
ICT GCSE £20 /hr
Philosophy GCSE £20 /hr
Psychology GCSE £20 /hr
Religious Studies GCSE £20 /hr
Sociology GCSE £20 /hr
-Personal Statements- Mentoring £22 /hr


Sociology A-levelA2A
Religious StudiesA-levelA2A
Psychology A-levelA2B
History A-levelA2B
IT (BTEC) A-levelA2D* (A*)
Disclosure and Barring Service

CRB/DBS Standard


CRB/DBS Enhanced


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Currently unavailable: for new students

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Weeks availability
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Charles (Parent) June 7 2016

cheers dude!

Sania (Student) December 18 2016

Charles (Parent) June 7 2016

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Questions Shaan has answered

I revise really hard for A-level Psychology but always get a low grade, despite doing what teachers tell me. What is going wrong?

That question is a natural one to ask-it’s more straightforward than you think. Okay let me pick a Psychology topic you will have definitely covered in class like ‘Research Methods’; regardless of what exam board you are working with. A student can write effective notes, read more than that wh...

That question is a natural one to ask-it’s more straightforward than you think.

Okay let me pick a Psychology topic you will have definitely covered in class like ‘Research Methods’; regardless of what exam board you are working with. A student can write effective notes, read more than that which is required and still get low marks in exams. One main and most popular reason is that you may be slightly going off topic when it comes to answering the exam questions directly and coming straight to the point. As a result loosing easy marks which accumulates as a low grade when in reality you are an A* GRADE student! Remember practice, practice and practice and don’t just read around the topic! Really dig in to pass paper questions. For example in a recent Psychology paper for Research Methods it was asked:

“Give 2 limitations of carrying out Laboratory Experiments” (4 marks). It is quite tempting to list just 2 like the following:

Demand Characteristics

Lacks Ecological Validity (Maximum this answer will get will be 2)

The students who will secure the full 4 marks will elaborate on such points. So looking something like this:

One limitation of carrying out a Lab experiment is the lack of ecological validity, the lack of relation the study has to real-life settings brings a more artificial scope to the study’s findings. Another limitation is that there may demand characteristics on behalf of the participant who recognises the kind of environment they are in and may act in a misleading way blocking access to true validity. (THIS GETS THE FULL 4 MARKS)

Please do let me know your thoughts on this!

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1 year ago

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