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Degree: Bioengineering (Masters) - Sheffield University

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About me

About Me:

Hi there, I’m Sam. I am a final year MEng Bioengineering student at Sheffield University and I really enjoy solving real-world problems through the application of Maths and Science. I have extensive teaching experience through my previous jobs as a nanny, children’s worker and youth leader; and my patient and friendly approach lends itself well to explaining complex concepts in a clear and calm way. In my spare time if I can’t be found on the netball court, chances are I’ll be in the kitchen experimenting with cooking from new cuisines (much to the misfortune of my friends and family!)

The Sessions:

As you’ve probably been told many times before and no doubt another hundred times more, you remember best when you’ve taken an active approach to learning. With this in mind, all of my sessions will be fun and varied with lots of questions and examples. Unless you request a different approach a standard 55minute session will take the following structure:

·        A quick recap. Depending on which is most applicable, you’ll either summarise what you learnt last session or give me a brief overview of the topic you are wishing to focus on that day. This will help me understand how deep a knowledge on the topic you have and where you may need some extra assistance. (5 minutes)

·        In your own words and in as much detail as possible you’ll explain to me which specific area within a topic you’d like help with. I’ll ask questions which will help you think through the problem and most likely give you confidence by realising you understand more than you thought. These questions will also help me pinpoint the exact area which needs further practise (5 minutes).

·        Using but not limited to colourful graphs, equations and real world scenarios I will explain the concepts and understanding behind the areas you have identified as needing practise. This will continue to be highly interactive, I’ll be asking plenty of questions to check if you are understanding and please ask questions yourself for further clarification (10 minutes).

·        We will then work through a couple of worked examples/practise questions together. In this time, I will guide you through a model of how to approach the problem and begin to solve/answer it logically. If you have had any particularly troublesome questions in school or as homework we can work through them step by step here (10 minutes).

·        I will then set you questions/problems to solve yourself. In this time, I will be there all along to assist and explain if you need/whenever you want, but will be more focussed on you practising what you have learnt and showing yourself how quickly you can learn something new. These questions may be homework you brought home from school or may be ones I’ve given which are very similar to those at school. I will also be occasionally asking questions throughout such as: ‘can you tell me why you did this?’ or, ‘why do you think this is the reason?’. This will help you check that you fully understand what you’re working on and not just able to answer it to get the question correct (20 minutes)

·        A final summary of the session. Here I will ask you to repeat back to me in your own words what you have learnt that session. The aim is that you’ll be able to explain the concept to me, your teacher, your friends, even the cat on the road outside! (5minutes)

This is only my suggested session and if you have alternative ways of learning that you know work best for you please do mention this to me and we’ll use that instead. I hope you all find the right tutor for you and I look forward to hearing from some of you soon.

Subjects offered

Maths A Level £20 /hr
Biology GCSE £18 /hr
Maths GCSE £18 /hr
Maths 13 Plus £18 /hr
Maths 11 Plus £18 /hr


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Currently unavailable: for regular students

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Questions Samantha has answered

How would I solve y=3x, 2x+y=5 using the substitiution method?

y=3x (1) 2x+y = 5 (2) Here we are being asked to find what the value of x and y is. It is asking us to substitute either x or y into the equation to help us find our solution. Now substitue means remove something and replace it with something else. In this case its is asking us to either rem...

y=3x (1)

2x+y = 5 (2)

Here we are being asked to find what the value of x and y is. It is asking us to substitute either x or y into the equation to help us find our solution. Now substitue means remove something and replace it with something else. In this case its is asking us to either remove x or y term and replace it with the other term.

So for this question we will take out the y term in equation (2) and put the equivalent x term back in its place. We have chosen to replace the y term in this case because it is the most simple substitution. A good rule in maths is its often best to choose the method that has the least number of steps in as that way there is less chance for accidental errors occuring.

Equation (1) tells us that y=3x, that is 1 y term is equal to 3 x  terms.

Substituting this into equation (2) gives us:


Its possible to add these 'x' terms together to simplify our equation even further, giving us:


Now our aim is to find what 1 x term is. So we need to find a way of getting the x term all alone on one side of the equation, and all other terms on the other side.

It is possible to divide through our equation by 5, giving:


simplifying to:


Now that we've found the value of x we can replace all the x's in our equations to find the value of y. Choosing the simpler equation (1) again we have:


(replacing x with 1 gives:)


simplifying to:


We now have our complete solution. Before we finish though, re-writing our solutions next to each other is thought to be the clearest way of presenting our answer. So we would put:

x=1 , y=3

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1 year ago

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