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Tom J.

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Degree: MSc Ecological Economics (Masters) - Edinburgh University

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I have fostered a passion for teaching ever since taking the opportunity to travel to China and teach at an English language school for Chinese pupils.  This experience not only massively broadened my horizons culturally, but also gave me the chance to begin developing my teaching philosophy.  Since that entrance into teaching, I have endeavoured to deliver lessons that through creative pedagogical approaches, engage and excite pupils and make them want to learn more about the subject. 

I continued to implement this creative approach when placed in a school in exceptionally challenging circumstances as part of the two year Teach First Leadership Programme.  Due to the nature of the programme, I have been able to develop and improve my practice rapidly.  My school suffered from poor behaviour, low achievement and pupils harboured limited aspirations, however rather than let this dampen my enthusiasm for delivering engaging lessons, I believe the experience matured and refined my practice.  I now balance emphasising pupil achievement through engaging mathematical problem solving with strict discipline and behaviour management. 

Within this role, I taught pupils ranging from years 7 to 11, both high and low ability, including pupils with special educational needs and gifted and talented pupils.  This pushed me to make my teaching more inclusive of all abilities, and I was frequently praised in lesson observation feedback for utilising highly effective differentiation strategies.  I am very familiar with the mathematics KS3 and GCSE syllabuses, and I prepared multiple cohorts of year 11s for their GCSEs.

In this capacity I also tutored all levels of secondary school pupils in small groups and 1 on 1, and ran weekly maths 'masterclasses' for more able students.  I have led initiatives to improve numeracy in KS3 by increasing pupils’ interest in practicing their times tables.  I also took an active role in designing and planning the scheme of work and homework booklets for KS3.

Previous to this I taught English in China to students of all levels and ages for almost 3 years.  Outside school hours, I also regularly tutored pupils 1 on 1.

I hold an Enhanced Disclosure Police check for working with children and young adults.

Subjects offered

Economics A Level £24 /hr
Maths A Level £24 /hr
Philosophy A Level £24 /hr
Economics GCSE £22 /hr
English GCSE £22 /hr
Maths GCSE £22 /hr
Philosophy GCSE £22 /hr
Economics IB £24 /hr
Maths IB £24 /hr
Philosophy IB £24 /hr


PGCE (Teach First Fast Track)Degree (Masters)Outstanding
Politics Philosophy EconomicsDegree (Bachelors)2.1
Disclosure and Barring Service

CRB/DBS Standard


CRB/DBS Enhanced


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Currently unavailable: for new students

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Viktoria (Parent) July 5 2016

Excellent tutor, very helpful.

Viktoria (Parent) June 7 2016

very freindly and he creates a good atmosphere to learn in

Viktoria (Parent) November 13 2016

Viktoria (Parent) November 8 2016

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Questions Tom has answered

ABC is a right angled triangle. D is the point on AB such that AD = 3DB. AC = 2DB and angle A = 90 degrees. Show that sinC = k/√20 where k is an integer. Find the value of k

AB = 4DB AC = 2DB Find BC using Pythagoras: BC = √(4DB)2 + (2DB)2 BC = √20DB2 = √20 DB sinC = opp/hyp = 4DB/√20DB = 4/√20 so k = 4

AB = 4DB

AC = 2DB

Find BC using Pythagoras:

BC = √(4DB)2 + (2DB)2

BC = √20DB2

= √20 DB

sinC = opp/hyp = 4DB/√20DB = 4/√20

so k = 4

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1 year ago


There are 5 white socks and 3 black socks in a draw. Steven takes out 2 at random. Work out the probability that Steven takes out 2 socks of the same colour.

P(WW) = 5/8 x 4/7 = 20/56

P(BB) = 3/8 x 2/7 = 6/56

P(same colour) = 20/56 + 6/56 = 26/56 = 13/28 (simplified)

1 year ago

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