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Degree: History with a European Language (Bachelors) - University College London University

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About Me I completed my A-Levels in History, Spanish and English Literature in 2015 and now study History with Spanish at University College London. I am passionate about all three subjects and have a wide range of knowledge about them. I achieved full marks in History and English Literature assessments at A-Level, demonstrating that I can provide a high standard of tutoring in these topics. The fact that I took my Spanish GCSE in year 9 having taught myself highlights that I also understand what is required of a successful languages student. In addition, I would be able to guide you in completing an Extended Project- I achieved an A grade in my Level 3 Extended Project in 2015 and thoroughly enjoyed doing it.   University Applications I could deliver tutorials in how to write a personal statement, particularly if you are writing one for a degree which includes more than one subject. I have been through this and know it can be a challenge! My Sessions I have considerable experience in working with young people in an academic setting (I volunteered in the History Department of a secondary school and a year 7 and 8 homework club whilst at college) and would hopefully be able to explain things in the best way for you to understand them. I will make my sessions as interactive as possible to ensure you remain engaged throughout. I would also hope to make the sessions fun because I believe that when learning is made enjoyable it is easier to remember what you have learnt. If you have any questions please book a Meet the Tutor Session or send me a Webmail. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Extended Project Qualification A Level £22 /hr
History A Level £22 /hr
Spanish A Level £22 /hr
English Literature GCSE £20 /hr
English Literature GCSE £20 /hr
Extended Project Qualification GCSE £20 /hr
Extended Project Qualification GCSE £20 /hr
History GCSE £20 /hr
Spanish GCSE £20 /hr
History 13 Plus £20 /hr
Spanish 13 Plus £20 /hr
-Personal Statements- Mentoring £22 /hr
-Personal Statements- Mentoring £22 /hr


English LiteratureA-levelA2A
Extended Project QualificationA-levelA2A
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4.7from 27 customer reviews

Rakesh (Parent) August 29 2017

My son has just completed his first lesson with Ella and he was extremely happy with her teaching style, organisation and made him feel at ease. So far so very good!

Marsha (Parent) January 25 2017

Lovely to receive feedback after the class - and Louis always enjoys the sessions.

Marsha (Parent) May 17 2017

Marsha (Parent) May 3 2017

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Questions Ella has answered

How do you answer a ‘how far do you agree with the statement’ question?

This type of question can come up in both GCSE and A-Level History papers. Firstly, it is important to showboth sides of the argument- you must outline points which both support and those which challenge the statement you’ve been given. The arguments you make must be supported with in-depth, d...

This type of question can come up in both GCSE and A-Level History papers. Firstly, it is important to show both sides of the argument- you must outline points which both support and those which challenge the statement you’ve been given. The arguments you make must be supported with in-depth, developed historical knowledge and when appropriate, other people’s interpretations of history. You must consistently analyse both your own knowledge and any other interpretations you include. You should have a sustained argument throughout, which you should first outline in your introduction. To ensure you give both sides of the debate but keep your own argument sustained, you should outline the weaknesses of the opposing arguments, showing how your argument in ultimately stronger than the others. Your conclusion should not be a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer but, as the question suggests, should focus on ‘how far’- consider using expressions such as ‘to some extent’ to show the examiner that you understand what the question is asking you. You could also consider breaking up the question: the example below is asking you to cover the years 1958 to 1969, but by breaking up this time period as has been done in the example below, you can demonstrate to the examiner a certain depth of knowledge and understanding of your period.

An example of an introduction to a ‘how far’ question to do with the Cold War is shown below to illustrate these points:

‘Sino-Soviet relations, in the years 1958-69, were undermined primarily by conflicting national interests’. How far do you agree with this view? 

It seems likely that between 1958 and 1964 (breaking up the time period), Sino-Soviet relations were undermined by the personal rivalry which existed between Mao and Khrushchev rather than national interests. These personal rivalries made meetings unproductive and led Mao to act in a way that the USSR could have perceived as overconfident, raising tensions. However, from 1964, when Khrushchev was disposed of, Sino-Soviet relations appear to have been undermined by problems arising from conflicting national interests. For example, the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968, which arguably stemmed from national interests, may have been interpreted by China as a clear message that the Communist world had to adhere to Soviet ideas, which they could have found quite threatening, undermining their relationship (historical knowledge followed by analysis). Nevertheless, it is also possible that Sino-Soviet relations were undermined in some minor ways by ideological differences in these years as they could have confirmed to the USSR that China was no longer under their influence. Nevertheless, a closer examination reveals that ideological problems were underpinned by personal rivalries (points to other arguments but shows why their own is ultimately stronger, ensuring their argument is sustained). Therefore, overall, it seems most probable that Sino-Soviet relations were, to a great degree, undermined by personal rivalries between 1958 and 1964. However, from 1964, the view that Sino-Soviet relations were undermined by conflicting national interests seems to have been accurate to a significant extent (answers ‘how far’)

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1 year ago

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