Naomi S.

Naomi S.

Currently unavailable: for regular students

Degree: Medicine (Bachelors) - Trinity College Dublin University

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About me

About Me

I'm a medical student at Trinity College Dublin. I love science and maths, and figuring out how things work and how to solve problems, but I also have a great love for the arts. I'm very creative and I like to think of new and inventive ways of learning.

My experience

I have tutored for the last 4 years, teaching a wide range of subjects, ages and abilities. I have experience with ages from 5-18, and abilities ranging from students with dyslexia and dyspraxia and need help with basic understanding, to students who excel in their subjects and need further challenges, and everything in between. 

I have taught music lessons for 5 years, including piano, flute and music theory. I was also a tutor at a local saturday music school where I helped with orchestras, choirs, theory and individual lessons.

I worked as a secondary school librarian for 6 months, where I developed my skills in information technology, as well as helping students find relevant information to help them in their projects, and offering advice for learning and revising.

The sessions

Our lessons will be predominantly guided by what you want to cover, whether it is learning or revising. I enjoy being creative in my teaching: creating drawings, diagrams and tables, using props, analogies and anecdotes to explain complicated ideas, and using mnemonics, charts and mind-maps to aid revision. I will adapt my style of teaching to suit your style of learning, but will also make sure that we use a variety of different methods in each lesson and have fun too!

What I teach

I am happy to help you to the best of my ability with anything you're struggling with, but primarily in science or maths-based subjects.

I can also help with general revision skills.

I also love teaching music and music theory.

I can offer help and advice for medical school preparation, as well as covering the essential basics that will help you get a head-start in your first year as a medical student. 

What next?

Contact me through this website, either by sending me a "webmail" or booking a "Meet the Tutor Session" where we can talk through what you want to cover in your sessions.

I look forward to meeting you!

Subjects offered

SubjectLevelMy prices
Biology A Level £22 /hr
Human Biology A Level £22 /hr
Music A Level £22 /hr
Biology GCSE £20 /hr
Chemistry GCSE £20 /hr
Human Biology GCSE £20 /hr
Maths GCSE £20 /hr
Music GCSE £20 /hr
Maths 13 Plus £20 /hr
Maths 11 Plus £20 /hr
-Medical School Preparation- Mentoring £22 /hr


Disclosure and Barring Service

CRB/DBS Standard


CRB/DBS Enhanced


Currently unavailable: for regular students

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Weeks availability
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Ratings and reviews

5from 4 customer reviews

Jackie (Parent) August 25 2016

amazing how much information i've learnt in a just an hour and a half highly recommend choosing Naomi

Jackie (Parent) August 18 2016

this is my second session with naomi i've alreadly learnt so well she explains things well and is helping to understand maths better I highly recommend naomi

Jackie (Parent) August 15 2016

learnt a lot from Naomi and had a really good first lesson

Cerys (Student) August 14 2016

really helpful with questions.
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All contact details will be kept confidential.

To give you a few options, we can ask three similar tutors to get in touch. More info.

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