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Lily B.

Degree: Philosophy and Politics (Bachelors) - Bristol University

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I am in my final year of a BSc in Philosophy and Politics. Having focused my studies on democracy, political participation, and voter education, the importance of learning has been illuminated to me. This is a major factor in my decision to tutor GCSE and A Level students. My studies have also taught me the importance of interdisciplinary approaches to education. This is something else I hope to convey in my tutorials. I hope to help pupils to see the connections between the subjects they study and the ways in which those connections will help them to be better learners. In my spare time I write, both creatively and on politics, as well as painting and photography.

About my sessions

Education should teach you the basics, facilitate nuanced and thoughtful discussion, and provoke ideas. In my tutorials I ensure I strike a balance between helping students to understand the course content and helping students with exam technique. I feel as though both of these aspects are equally important in helping students achieve the best grades. In helping pupils understand the content of their course I start with the most fundamental knowledge required and build from that. In building an understanding of their subject I hope to encourage students to understand their course holistically and with an appreciation of interdisciplinary elements. It is important to know everything necessary to pass the exams, but learning should be more than just ticking boxes. I hope to have discussions and debates with pupils about the interesting issues in their subjects. In teaching essay technique I focus on how to structure questions and on helping pupils find their voice. I hope to help pupils to develop precise expression and to encourage linguistic flair. I use a combination of discussion, mind mapping, diagrams, and writing practice responses. I ensure to tailor my tutoring to the specific needs and learning style of the pupil and will adapt my approach to optimise the impact my tutorials have. I work to foster a considerate and safe environment where students feel comfortable to express their ideas and to ask for help when they need it. I have tutored Government and Politics, English Language, English Literature, and have supported pupils working on their EPQs. I am also happy to assist with general revision tips, exam preparation, and the fostering of effective study habits.

Subjects offered

Extended Project Qualification A Level £20 /hr
Government and Politics A Level £20 /hr
Philosophy A Level £20 /hr
Philosophy and Ethics A Level £20 /hr
Politics A Level £20 /hr
English GCSE £18 /hr
English Language GCSE £18 /hr
English Literature GCSE £18 /hr
Extended Project Qualification GCSE £18 /hr
Geography GCSE £18 /hr
Government and Politics GCSE £18 /hr
Philosophy GCSE £18 /hr
Philosophy and Ethics GCSE £18 /hr
Politics GCSE £18 /hr


English LiteratureA-levelA2A
Government and PoliticsA-levelA2A
Extended Project QualificationA-levelA2A*
Mathematics ASA-levelA2B
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CRB/DBS Standard


CRB/DBS Enhanced


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5from 9 customer reviews

Charles (Parent) August 2 2017

Absolutely brilliant lesson session and feedback for my son. The commitment is good and son enjoying it. She takes on suggestions and turns it to fit lesson plan.

Mark (Parent) March 11 2017

Wonderful enthusiasm and subject knowledge. Aware of how to establish rapport with the student and creates an ambiance conducive to generating the best results from distance learning. As a parent I can ask for no more and I feel confident that my offspring will fulfil her potential.

Charles (Parent) September 14 2017

Dipti (Parent) March 25 2017

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Questions Lily has answered

How do I write a 25 mark politics essay in the exam?

As 25 markers need to be written in less than half an hour in the exam, getting all of your ideas down quickly is important. Because of this, it is well worth taking 5 minutes to plan your essay. This plan does not by any means need to be neat. You just need to ensure you have covered a few k...

As 25 markers need to be written in less than half an hour in the exam, getting all of your ideas down quickly is important.

Because of this, it is well worth taking 5 minutes to plan your essay. This plan does not by any means need to be neat. You just need to ensure you have covered a few key areas in your plan (which you can then scribble out once you've written the essay!). Make sure you understand what the question means. Often, questions in the exam will be a reworded version of a question you have come across before, so don't be intimidated if you don't understand it at first. Beyond this, your plan might just be notes of key ideas you want to include in the exam, which you can tick off as you write the essay.

In terms of the essay's content, aim for 3-4 key points and make sure you discuss both sides of the argument. It helps to think of the essay as a discussion between two people who disagree on the topic. After you've written what person A might say, think about what person B might reply.

In addition to making sure your argument is balanced and critical, you need to ensure you include relevant examples from contemporary politics to illustrate your point. Your examples might be facts you've learnt in lessons, or they could be something you heard on the news. It is always worth thinking about recent news stories if you find yourself stuck for examples, as the politics exam will aim to be contemporary and relevant to the real world of politics.

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10 months ago

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