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Emma J.

Currently unavailable: until 07/08/2017

Degree: English and French (Bachelors) - Warwick University

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About me

I am an English and French finalist at the University of Warwick predicted to obtain a First Class degree. I have been a tutor on MyTutorWeb since starting at university and have tutored many students in a range of subjects at both GCSE and A Level. It has been so rewarding to see my students' confidence and abilities improve! I was promoted to a Premium tutor in 2014 following consistent five star feedback. I have teaching experience: last year, I spent 7 months in France teaching English in French secondary schools and this year I have volunteered as a classroom assistant helping in French lessons at a secondary school in Coventry. I really love teaching and tutoring and have secured a place to train to teach after I graduate.

I have always enjoyed good relationships with my students, keeping things professional but friendly to help put students at ease. I can empathise with students who are shy or who lack confidence in their own ability, as this is something I struggled with in school. Ultimately, I aim to offer sessions that can help students make real improvements in their work and their grades, but equally, sessions students can enjoy! I really love my subjects, and I hope this shows in my approach to tutoring, and helps inspire students with genuine interest for the subject.

I can be flexible with my availability so please do get in touch. I look forward to meeting you!

About my sessions

I let students and parents shape the sessions: When we have our first 'Meet the Tutor' session, you can tell me  what you want to work on and if you think there are any activites that would really benefit you. I can help with subject knowledge and content, or exam and revision techniques. I am also happy to help with coursework, or look over your work. I always prepare sessions in advance and I often send additional resources to my students outside of session hours if I think they would be useful. What we do in the session depends on your subject and what you want to work on, but some methods I have used in the past include creating worksheets for the student to work through in the session, creating mock exam questions and situations, planning exam answers together, working through past papers, talking through ideas and concepts together, looking through mark schemes and understanding what examiners want...I use a variety of activities throughout the session and mix longer and shorter activities to keep students engaged. I begin sessions by recapping and testing what we did in the previous session, to ensure that what students are learning is being consolidated and that progress can be measured. I am happy to set homework for students to do in their own time, which I can then mark, but I do not make this obligatory as I understand students already have lots of academic and extra-curricular commitments!

Subjects offered

English A Level £30 /hr
English Literature A Level £30 /hr
Extended Project Qualification A Level £30 /hr
French A Level £30 /hr
Sociology A Level £30 /hr
English Language GCSE £30 /hr
English Literature GCSE £30 /hr
French GCSE £30 /hr
Sociology GCSE £30 /hr
-Personal Statements- Mentoring £30 /hr


English LiteratureA-levelA2A*
Extended Project QualificationA-levelA2A*
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CRB/DBS Standard


CRB/DBS Enhanced


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Ratings and reviews

5from 9 customer reviews

Serhan (Student) May 10 2016

Insightful and critical. She understands the fundamentals of the subject really well and knows exactly how to critique one's points made.

Jacqueline (Parent) May 20 2015

Emma has been exceptional in helping our daughter build her confidence for her A/S level. Always on-time and prepared for the sessions. I'd strongly recommend Emma as a tutor.

Jasmine (Student) May 20 2015

Very friendly and has really helped me to improve my French.

Jacqueline (Parent) May 13 2015

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Questions Emma has answered

How can I revise for a French speaking exam?

For many language students, speaking exams are a very daunting part of the course! It's important to remember that these exams aren't trying to catch you out; they're looking for you to be enthusiastic and demonstrate the French you know- those who show a willingness to express different ideas...

For many language students, speaking exams are a very daunting part of the course! It's important to remember that these exams aren't trying to catch you out; they're looking for you to be enthusiastic and demonstrate the French you know- those who show a willingness to express different ideas and engage in conversation usually do well.

Although the exam may focus around a spontaneous conversation, preparation is still crucial- you should go through the conversation topics that could come up, and make a habit of gathering ideas relating to the topic, thinking of questions or other issues your points could raise. At AS and A2 French, the topics can often be quite demanding in terms of their content, and to most they are difficult to talk about in English, let alone another language- don't be put off by this; you can use English revision notes to help set out your ideas and arguments, before moving on to working in French.

Conversation and engagement with questions are the most important part of the speaking exam, so working with someone else is an invaluable revision tool- work with a tutor, teacher or friend to get used to responding to questions spontaneously. This is the best way to gain confidence for your speaking exam, which will be very different from answering questions in the classroom setting you're used to.

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3 years ago

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