Madeleine P.

Madeleine P.

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Degree: Economics (Bachelors) - Durham University

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About me

About me

I am reading Economics at Durham University. I have always had a passion and love for Mathematics and really enjoy now using it at degree level when tackling real world problems. I am very patient and freindly and have a desire to teach for a career. In my first year at Durham I volunteered with the Student Community Action tutoring programme, teaching GCSE maths one-to-one. I throughly enjoyed this and it persuaded me to follow this path and teach English abroad this summer for 3 weeks in Sri Lanka. 

The Sessions

During each session you will guide what we cover, working on mathematical areas that you struggle with. Basic understanding is key, which is what I will be sure to address first. With maths practice is key and I will be sure to give you questions that I have constructed to test your ability further. 

University applications

If you want pointers on how to apply to Russell Group Universities and writing your personal statement I am more than happy to assist. I hope that I can pass on advice to make the UCAS process less stressful for you. 

What now? 

If you have any questions, send me a 'WebMail' or book a 'Meet the Tutor Session'! (both accessible through this website). Remember to tell me your exam board and what you're struggling with.

I look forward to meeting you!

Subjects offered

Maths GCSE £18 /hr
-Personal Statements- Mentoring £22 /hr


Welsh BaccalaureateInternational Baccalaureate (IB)A*
Disclosure and Barring Service

CRB/DBS Standard


CRB/DBS Enhanced


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Currently unavailable: for regular students

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Ratings and reviews

5from 9 customer reviews

Uma (Student) October 13 2016

Easy to understand ! :)

Salihah (Student) October 12 2016

madeline was great and really helpful

Natasha (Parent) December 1 2016

Natasha (Parent) November 23 2016

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Questions Madeleine has answered

How do I remember the area of a circle if it's not in the formula book?

I tend to use rhymes to remember difficult maths formulas - it makes life so much easier! For example, "I never knew how much I cared that the area of a circle is πr²". 

1 year ago


How do I solve 7x – 8 = -3x + 2?

I would always approach this type of question methodically in the same way each time to minimise panic in exams. 

1. Collect the like terms together (10x = 10) 

2.Divide to find the solution (x=10)

1 year ago

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