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Helen J.

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Degree: BSc Biomedical Science (Bachelors) - Birmingham University

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Hi! I am a first year Biomedical Science student at the University of Birmingham. My favourite subject is Biology but I love science in general. I am aiming for a career in research after university. I left school in 2015 and spent a year travelling. Some of this time was spent in Malawi, volunteering at Kasungu Academy where I really loved teaching the students and helping them with their work. When I was still at living at home and attending school I always found myself helping my sister with her school work and this is something we still do over skype. Both in Malawi and back here I have found great satisfaction in making a new concept or idea clear to someone. It is great to see their face when it all finally clicks into place I will always cover what you want me to in a session but strongly believe the foundations are crucial and these should be strong before we build upon them. I am a fan of using diagrams, pictures and strange stories or analogies to make the science approachable and understandable. I am happy to share with you the things I use for my revision or whatever mnemonic helped me rember content when I sat the exam. I of course hope you enjoy the sessions and your confidence grows with each one. It would be great to hear from you either by WebMail or a "Meet the tutor session", I look forward to meeting you!

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Biology A Level £20 /hr
Biology GCSE £18 /hr


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Currently unavailable: for regular students

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Tirath (Parent) December 13 2016

session continues tommorow

Tirath (Parent) December 6 2016

good and useful
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Questions Helen has answered

What is the function of muscle cells found in the stomach wall

Muscle cells are present in the stomach wall so that they can contract and move the food. This aids digestion and the action of enzymes

10 months ago

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