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Hi! My name is Yasmine, I am an enthusiastic linguist, and I hope to instill my passion for languages in my students! Whether you need help with English, Modern Foreign Languages or your Personal Statement, I am available at your request to guide you through any problem areas in your studies. I have had previous experience in teaching and tutoring a range of students from primary school to GCSE level, and therefore understand the level of patience and clarity needed to be a successful tutor. I also know how frustrating it can be to not receive enough support at school, and subsequently feel very passionate about private tutoring as another source of support that I myself resorted to when I was at school.

About my sessions

After the student has told me exactly what they are struggling with I will explain the concept in simple, clear steps until it is well understood. Then we can consolidate this knowledge through examples, practice questions and practice papers until they feel completely confident and ready for the exam or assessment.

The stress and anxiety associated with applying to university and writing a personal statement is still very fresh in my mind, so I can completely understand how a student feels at this time.  However the process can be made much easier with a little extra support. I was given offers by all the universities I applied to, including two unconditional offers, so I would love to share my personal statement writing skills with you and support you in your written expression until you are satisfied with your statement.

What to do next? Just send me a message for more information or organise a free 'Meet the Tutor Session' on this website so we can talk through your individual needs and start improving your results!

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Spanish A Level £26 /hr
English GCSE £24 /hr
French GCSE £24 /hr
Spanish GCSE £24 /hr
English 13 Plus £24 /hr
French 13 Plus £24 /hr
Spanish 13 Plus £24 /hr
English 11 Plus £24 /hr
-Personal Statements- Mentoring £26 /hr


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5from 43 customer reviews

Katherine (Student) June 19 2017

Very helpful- useful essay tips and techniques and really clear approach to various grammatical areas or issues

Karen (Parent) February 5 2017

Thank you Yasmine - brilliant as always! Useful content and always tailored to my daughter's requirements.

Henry (Student) January 25 2017

very helpful in telling me how to correct my mistakes

Karine (Parent) October 22 2016

The internet connection wasn't the best but the lesson was good.
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Questions Yasmine has answered

When should you use the subjunctive?

Many students can't get their heads around the subjunctive but it's much easier than it seems! A really handy way to remember when to use the subjunctive is by using the accronym 'WEIRDO': Wishes: When someone expresses what they want someone or something to do something. E.g. Quiero que haga...

Many students can't get their heads around the subjunctive but it's much easier than it seems! A really handy way to remember when to use the subjunctive is by using the accronym 'WEIRDO':

Wishes: When someone expresses what they want someone or something to do something. E.g. Quiero que hagas tus deberes. Other wishing/wanting phrases that are followed by subjunctive are phrases like 'Espero que..' (I hope that) and 'Mandar que...' (to order that sb does something). All of these express a desire for somebody to do something and therefore, use the subjunctive.

Emotion: Whenever an emotion is expressed it is followed by the subjunctive. For example, 'me gusta que haya muchas tiendas en esta ciudad' or 'me enoja que ella nunca pueda ir de vacaciones conmigo'.

Impersonal expressions: Impersonal expressions are usually used to express and opinion or judgement. For example, 'Es extraño que no puedas comer esto.' Some other impersonal expressions that are followed by the subjunctive are 'Es necesario que...', 'Es bueno que...', 'Es malo que...'. However, remember that if the impersonal expression expresses certainty e.g. 'es cierto que' or 'es obvio que', then it is NOT followed by the subjunctive (More on this later).

Recommendations: When you recommend something to someone e.g. 'Recomiendo que no hagas mucho ejercicio durante las vacaciones'.

Doubt/Denial: When you express denial or you express negative thinking e.g. 'Niego que yo tenga que hacer esto.' Or 'No creo que haya un restaurante aquí'. Expressions that express certainty (as mentioned above) e.g. 'es claro que...' are NOT followed by the subjunctive.

Ojalá: This is just one phrase that is relatively common in Spanish. 'Ojalá que' means 'I really hope that...' or 'I hope to God that...' and it is followed by the subjunctive.

There are also a few other phrases that need the subjunctive e.g. 'para que' (so that) e.g. 'Para que tenga mucho dinero, necesito trabajar muy duro' and 'Cuando' (only when referring to the future e.g. 'Compraré un coche cuando sea mayor'.

Also notice that most verbs conjugated in the subjunctive are followed by 'que' as seen in most of the above examples. The subjunctive is not always followed by 'que' but it is another indication that you should be using the subjunctive.

Hope that helps and if any further explanation is needed, feel free to send me a message or book a meet the tutor session!

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12 months ago

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