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Degree: Biology (Integrated Masters) - York University

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About me: I am an EU student from Hamburg, a city in northern Germany. After Grade 7, at the age of 13, I transferred to Townshend International School in Czech Republic. Through the encouragement and dedication of my friendly teachers I have developed a passion for learning,especially for Biology. During that time, I had the chance to study with people from many different backgrounds and help them with German and Biology. After having the privilege of calling the school my home for the last six years, I have successfully graduated and am now going into my first year of Biology at the University of York. I am a joyful person, who enjoys combining learning with a good sense of humour. I love to ask and discuss questions on different topics and explore new ideas, especially ones related to Biology. I like to learn about the world around me, whether during a walk in nature or through reading scientific articles. I enjoy the challenge of finding answers to my own questions and to the questions of others. Ever since my childhood I have always had a heart for animals and have enjoyed spending time with them, going horse-back riding has been one of the joys of my week. Honesty and trustworthiness are important to me; I try hard to keep my word, and want people to be able to rely on me. 

About my sessions

My approach: I believe that learning should be enjoyable and engaging. With patience and encouragement I want to help you push through barriers that might hold you back from enjoying and understanding the subject. My goal is to prepare you to do well on exams,while at the same time encourage you to learn for life. Both understanding the content and using effective exam techniques are important. I am a fan of holistic learning methods; researching and trying out new techniques is a hobby of mine. Approaches I like to use include learning through understanding, and linking concepts together, as well as doing practice questions to get feedback of how well I understood the content. When possible I think about a way to implement the knowledge I've gained or the skill I have acquired in my everyday life, or plan a project where what I have learned is applicable, so that the new knowledge has a deeper purpose. Every person has their own way of learning that works best for them, so I believe that flexibility in sessions and feedback from the tutee are important for successful tutoring sessions, this is why I encourage you to be the one deciding what will be covered in the session. What's next? If you are ready to explore the fascinating subjects of Biology or/and German, send me a message via e-mail or book a meet-the-tutor session. I am looking forward to help you enjoy learning and discuss any questions you have

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Biology A Level £22 /hr
German A Level £22 /hr
Biology GCSE £20 /hr
German GCSE £20 /hr


Literature in EnglishA-levelA2A
German A-levelA2A*
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Currently unavailable: for new students

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Ratings and reviews

5from 37 customer reviews

Michael (Student) February 22 2017

Always helpful, brilliant help with my oral speaking exams and tailors every tutorial to my needs.

Dhanalakshmi (Parent) November 13 2016

My daughter enjoyed her tutorial ! Very patient and friendly

Monisha (Student) November 13 2016

She is very friendly and informative. She gave me resources i can look at to enrich my knowledge. Great tutor !!!

Maria (Student) November 10 2016

Fabulous tutor, patient, funny, professional, knowledgeable, never judgemental, intelligent..just perfect!
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Questions Merle has answered

What is an enzyme and how does it work?

An enzyme is a biological catalyst (something that speeds up a chemical reaction), which is a protein, a chain made of many amino acid molecules. An enzyme has its own unique three-dimensional structure, which allows it to bind to one specific kind of substrate (substance) only. How it works:...

An enzyme is a biological catalyst (something that speeds up a chemical reaction), which is a protein, a chain made of many amino acid molecules. An enzyme has its own unique three-dimensional structure, which allows it to bind to one specific kind of substrate (substance) only.

How it works:

The lock and key model can be used to explain this. Just imagine a key that fits into a specific lock and opens the door, the opening of the door can be imagined as the chemical reaction, the lock as the active site of the enzyme and the key as the substrate.

There is a site on the enzyme that is complementary in shape to that of its substrate, this is called the active site. The substrate binds to the active site of the enzyme under suitable conditions which leads to the formation of an enzyme-substrate complex. The chemical reaction occurs and at the end the product is released from the active site and the enzyme is ready to bind to the next substrate.

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1 year ago

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