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Alex D.

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Degree: Chemical Engineering (Masters) - Edinburgh University

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I have a lot of experience working with children as a young scout leader volunteering at the cubs for a year and a half as well as being a mentor to a primary 4 and a primary 7 class for a year. I also have a PVG Disclosure Scotland certificate but disregarding all that, I believe that all that matters is that I enjoy teaching - from primary school children to those working for their Advanced Highers. My approach is to make it fun and use interesting examples, because I think this will help their learning a lot and it is what I would have wanted when I was younger. I feel that I would be able to relate to the children/pupils as it was not so long ago that I was in their position. However, I am here above all to teach your son/daughter so I assure you that I am a committed, hard-working individual who, due to confidence and enthusiasm, makes a good role model and leads by example. I have always been a fast learner and very resilient, and I will always try my best to help your child as much as I can. I have a real passion, as well as a very good knowledge, of science; particularly math, chemistry and physics. I had A's for every single exam at school and am currently studying Chemical Engineering at Edinburgh University.

Subjects offered

Chemistry A Level £20 /hr
Maths A Level £20 /hr
Chemistry GCSE £18 /hr
Maths GCSE £18 /hr
Physics GCSE £18 /hr
Maths 13 Plus £18 /hr
Maths 11 Plus £18 /hr


MathsScottish highers / Advanced highersAdvanced HigherA1
ChemistryScottish highers / Advanced highersAdvanced HigherA
PhysicsScottish highers / Advanced highersAdvanced HigherA
MathsScottish highers / Advanced highersHigherA1
ChemistryScottish highers / Advanced highersHigherA1
PhysicsScottish highers / Advanced highersHigherA1
EnglishScottish highers / Advanced highersHigherA1
Computing ScienceScottish highers / Advanced highersHigherA1
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CRB/DBS Standard


CRB/DBS Enhanced


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Currently unavailable: for regular students

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