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Oliver B.

Degree: Mathematics (Masters) - Exeter University

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About me

My name is Oliver Bond and I have been tutoring through MyTutor for almost 3 years since the website was established. I have a 1st Class Masters with Honours degree in Mathematics from the University of Exeter, and I thoroughly enjoy explaining difficult mathematical concepts to those willing to understand them. 

What sets me apart from most other tutors on this website is the fact that not only do I have a high-level degree background from a Russell Group university, but I also have real-world teaching experience! In July 2016 I completed my Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training and I subsequently started teaching mathematics full-time at one of the highest-ranked Further Education colleges in the country.

Based on your experience of maths education so far, it is very tempting to think of mathematics as learning a set of rules and applying them to numerous examples until you can use them fluently and accurately in exam questions. This may be fine for passing exams, but so much understanding is lost by taking this approach. In order to succeed in mathematics at a higher level, understanding the concepts is key, and will get you much further than rote memorisation. Rote memorisation is also much more tedious than actually understanding how mathematical concepts fit together and why they work!

About my sessions

I believe it is very important to strike a balance between "doing the maths" and understanding why the maths works. I don't like to judge students for making mistakes and I try to explain things in such a way that I would have wanted to learn them for the first time. In my line of work I am regularly faced with the challenge of finding alternative ways of explaining an idea so that if a student doesn’t understand something the first time, I will eventually find some way of making myself clear!

I am empathetic that students' experiences of learning maths can differ considerably, and that some may be lacking in confidence in the subject and so may need a confidence boost. However, I am also perfectly happy to offer sessions for top students who are also looking to be stretched; sometimes just being able to discuss possible approaches to difficult problems can help!

What is a typical session like?

I may want to spend a few minutes talking to you at the beginning of a session about which topics you are doing, and ask if you have any examples you have been struggling with. Then my sessions can be quite flexible depending on your needs; this may include going through exam questions, problems you’ve come across and general run-throughs of topics as per request. It is usually advised that you let me know which topics you want to go through beforehand, so I can put together questions we can go through.

Subjects offered

Further Mathematics A Level £36 /hr
Maths A Level £36 /hr
Further Mathematics GCSE £36 /hr
Maths GCSE £36 /hr
Maths 13 Plus £36 /hr
.MAT. Uni Admissions Test £36 /hr
.STEP. Uni Admissions Test £36 /hr


Further MathematicsA-levelA2A
Extended Project (AS-Level)A-levelA2A
Geography (AS-Level)A-levelA2A
Mathematics (MMath Hons)Degree (Masters)1ST
Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training (with maths specialism)OtherPASS
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Ratings and reviews

4.9from 47 customer reviews

Jake (Student) April 17 2016

Very clear and detailed tutor. Extremely helpful in helping create an understanding towards maths, especially the most difficult of topics.

Maggy (Parent) December 4 2015

Great session, difficult concept explained with ease. Thanks

Philip (Parent) November 30 2015

An amazing tutor, thank you for all you help with Jake's maths.

Maggy (Parent) November 25 2015

Very good tutorial.
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Questions Oliver has answered

What's the point of writing my mathematics well if I don't get extra marks for it?

Although strictly speaking you get no extra marks for writing out your mathematics clearly and logically, getting into the habit of doing so can help your work in a lot of ways:1. You can read your work back to yourself easily (e.g. if it's from line-to-line rather than all over the page) 2. I...Although strictly speaking you get no extra marks for writing out your mathematics clearly and logically, getting into the habit of doing so can help your work in a lot of ways: 1. You can read your work back to yourself easily (e.g. if it's from line-to-line rather than all over the page)
2. It demonstrates to others who may look at your work (e.g. other students, teachers, examiners and your tutor) that you genuinely understand the work, and saves them having to figure out what you are doing
3. You will be less likely to make silly mistakes which could cost you a lot of time (and confidence!) in an exam
4. The marks you get are for what you have written down rather than for what you haven't.
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2 months ago

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