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Degree: Psychology (Bachelors) - Bath University

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Hi I'm Lottie, a fourth year undergraduate reading Psychology at the University of Bath. I enjoy all aspects of my course but my passion lies specifically within the field of Educational Psychology, as I am interested in how we learn and what conditions can lead to optimum learning and development as an individual. Throughout my time at university I have completed a broad array of educational modules which has given me a great grounding in this area of study.  I consider myself a people person, and my past work and volunteer positions have given me a wealth of experience in communicating with children from ages 4 through to 16 in an educational context. Most notably, I volunteered within a local school to tutor pupils in the run up to their English GCSE exams. Each tutoring session was tailored around the pupils' needs, and the 6 week course was a great success, with many of the participating students moving up a grade bracket, or receiving the grade they were predicted. I am a good listener, and I always strive to explain things at a level which is appropriate for the listener. I am a big fan visual learning, and love colour coding and illustrating more complex terms to make them easier to digest. I am a huge fan of organisation and good time management, and so by my fourth year of university, I consider myself a revision timetable pro. Outside of education, I am a keen blogger. I love creating content on a wide manner of things from fashion to travel, and I love photography! I am also a keen baker, my speciality being my lemon and blueberry drizzle cake.

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Psychology A Level £26 /hr
Drama GCSE £24 /hr
English Language GCSE £24 /hr
English Literature GCSE £24 /hr
Psychology GCSE £24 /hr
Maths 11 Plus £24 /hr
Maths 11 Plus £24 /hr
-Personal Statements- Mentoring £26 /hr


Theatre StudiesA-levelA2A*
English LiteratureA-levelA2A
General StudiesA-levelA2A
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Currently unavailable: for regular students

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Ratings and reviews

4.8from 29 customer reviews

Sandra (Parent) May 28 2017

Good lesson as always. Thanks.

Sandra (Parent) May 21 2017

This tutorial on creative writing was really good. Mya has been stressing about the upcoming exams because she struggles with the creative writing questions. This lesson has given Mya more confidence. Your lessons are always very structured, clear, packed with lots of teaching and easy to follow. You are an Amazing Tutor. Thanks Lottie (Charlotte)

Qasim (Student) May 22 2017

helped me understand different terms and how to use them

Sandra (Parent) May 7 2017

Charlotte is a very good tutor. The lessons are well structured, starting with learning the basics of the different She has taught Mya about the different 'Linguistic devices'
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Questions Charlotte has answered

How do I write a good essay under timed conditions?

Firstly, practice practice practice! The more essays you practice writing to the time constraints of your exam, the more of an idea you'll have as to how much you should be aiming to write on exam day. You'll also panic less when you see the clock ticking away as you will know you are perfectl...

Firstly, practice practice practice! The more essays you practice writing to the time constraints of your exam, the more of an idea you'll have as to how much you should be aiming to write on exam day. You'll also panic less when you see the clock ticking away as you will know you are perfectly capable of writing a good essay.

Planning is essential. Panicking and writing down everything you know in a jumble will not guarentee good marks, but a well structured and flowing essay, even if it's a bit shorter, will.

Take 10 mins at the beginning of the exam time to read the question and plan your answer. Read the question carefully and read it TWICE. Think about what arguments you think best answer the question. I tend to pick my 3 strongest points and these make up the body of my 3 paragraphs. Also consider how you might introduce the essay, starting with a broad insight into the question. Finally you will consider how you will round up your essay and conclude. What do you think is the strongest argument? What are your final views you want to impress upon the reader?



Para 1

Para 2

Para 3


Spend the beginning of the revision period considering the types of essay questions you might be asked, and make detailed plans following the structure above, for each. You can use questions from past papers as a starting point.

With your remaining time, practice writing. A plan takes 10 mins to write. An introduction should take no longer than 5. The most important part of your essay is the body and so try and leave yourself 10 mins for each well argued and elaborated paragraph. Your conclusion should be the quickest to write, as you will be in the flow of writing, so 5 mins should be plenty to tie your essay up to a neat finish. With any remaining time, re read your essay to make sure there are no silly mistakes.

As you produce essay plans and practice writing to time, you will find timed conditions a lot less daunting. You will find plans can be very similar for similar themed essays and that your 3 strongest points might be applicable to several different questions. 

In the final week before your exam, attempt a couple of unseen questions which you haven't created a plan for. This will test your ability to think on your feet and will give you the best idea for what your exam will be like.

Remember, don't panic, take a deep breath, read the question twice and follow the plan structure.

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10 months ago

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