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Degree: English Literature (Bachelors) - Exeter University

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Hi! I'm Bryony an experienced Tutor both on MyTutor and with my University. I have recieved excellent feedback in my two years as a tutor for MyTutor, helping students achieve A*s at A level and in many cases raising final grades 2 letters from predictions.I study English with Study Abroad at Exeter University. This University is 4th in the UK for English 2013/14, the Sunday Times University of the year 2014/15 and a world top 100 University 2015/16. I tutored my dyslexic brother for his GCSE English, raising his predicted grade two letters. I'd love to teach you anything to do with English, whether you want help with essays, to learn some new technical words, or just where to start when analysing a text. Bit more about me: I was Vice-President of Exeter University Theatre Company (2014/15), which involved helping people improve plays and individual performances. This means I am equally enthusiastic about play-texts, and can help students analyse the theatrical elements too! I love travel. I have been on expeditions to Southern India (2012) and climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro (2014). I studied at an international university in Japan (2015/16). I'm good at working and communicating with others and would like to show you how you can use personal experiences to form your opinion of a text. My aim is to you get you involved with what you're studying. This may be through using your own life experiences, as I have done, or by finding out what interests you.

About my sessions

The lessons are adapted to each student and are dependent on both the student's weaknesses and tailored to the exam board the student is on. For example - with a student that struggles with analysis, I usually compile quotes from their set texts and we analyse them together focusing on a theme. This ensures analysis practice that is relevant to the student's exams. - if a student struggles with essay writing the session is likely to focus on past paper questions. I plan the questions in detail with the student, alongside the mark scheme, ensuring they understand where the marks are coming from, so they can hit the right criteria! In addition, I go over past essays with the student to analyse their writing style and explain to them in detail what they are doing well, and what they need to improve on. This can really boost their confidence, as they begin to understand what makes a great essay! Of course some weaknesses are entwined, so lessons may be a combination of elements in order to make the most of the 55 minutes! If you would like to know how I can help you in more detail, please get in touch or book a free meeting - we can tailor the tutorials to your needs together!

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English A Level £36 /hr
English Literature A Level £36 /hr
English GCSE £36 /hr
English Language GCSE £36 /hr
English Literature GCSE £36 /hr
English and World Literature GCSE £36 /hr


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5from 213 customer reviews

Laura (Student) June 26 2017

Good as usual :)

Alison (Parent) June 8 2017

My son has had Bryony for English GCSE and she has been an excellent tutor. Bryony has a passion for English which means that not only is she is very well prepared and very knowledgeable but she is also able to motivate and encourage. My son always came away from his sessions smiling and with a better understanding of the topic. Thank you Bryony!

Laura (Student) June 9 2017

Good as usual :)

Matthew (Student) May 30 2017

very helpfull
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Questions Bryony has answered

How do I structure a good exam essay?

The best way to structure an essay is by using PQA - Point, Quote, Analysis. Use this structure and 5 minuntes to plan your essay. Whilst this is annoying it will make for a better essay in the long run. (Remember, quality not quantity!). Once you have your main points you can get to writing....

The best way to structure an essay is by using PQA - Point, Quote, Analysis. Use this structure and 5 minuntes to plan your essay. Whilst this is annoying it will make for a better essay in the long run. (Remember, quality not quantity!).

Once you have your main points you can get to writing. A big tip is to write your introduction last, as an essay in exam conditions can take many twists. Your introduction should guide the reader. They should know what your essay is going to argue and what themes you are going to use to do so.

A good revision technique is practicing essay questions in timed conditions. A shorther activity is using PQA on a quote. Ask yourself, what point is the quote making? What literary techniques can I point to to exemplify the point that is being made? How can think point be linked to a literary or historical context?

Master this and your essay should slot into place with ease!

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2 years ago

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