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Kane W.

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Degree: English and Classical Studies (Bachelors) - Bristol University

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About me

While tutoring I hope to adapt my style to the individual student. I have worked with students with learning disabilities and planned my own lessons at a primary school and I have also taught catch-up classes in ancient languages at my secondary school. This experience means I am aware that students learn in different ways and I am happy to embrace that. Whether your interests lie in film adaptations or close analysis of rhythm and metre, I will try my best to help you develop those passions.

My services are also available for essay reviews, help with revision methods and also to encourage your own personal interests. I firmly believe that reading around subjects and finding new interests is hugely important both for students and for interviews. So if a tutee wants me to recommend some reading or discuss something off syllabus with them, I shall!

I am currently studying English and Classical Studies at Bristol University. I am interested in both sides of my degree, but in particular 5th Century BC Greece and modern playwrights. My English qualifications are with AQA and my Classics ones with OCR.

Availability: entirely flexible!

Subjects offered

Classical Civilisation A Level £24 /hr
English Literature A Level £24 /hr
Latin A Level £24 /hr
Classical Greek GCSE £22 /hr
English GCSE £22 /hr
English Language GCSE £22 /hr
English Literature GCSE £22 /hr
Latin GCSE £22 /hr


English LiteratureA-levelA2A*
Classical CivilisationA-levelA2A
Disclosure and Barring Service

CRB/DBS Standard


CRB/DBS Enhanced


Ratings and reviews

5from 3 customer reviews

Wendy (Parent) November 6 2014

Kane delivered another invaluable tutorial in his inimitable style. In my son's words: "He's SO good!"

Wendy (Parent) October 19 2014

Kane is a true professional. He was thoroughly prepared and delivered a wonderful, confidence-boosting tutorial. Besides his expert knowledge and the ability to address problem areas as well as teaching the subject, my son found Kane incredibly kind and easy to talk to.

Janet (Parent) May 19 2014

Kane was always punctual and generous with his time, on most occasions wrote back to her with his thoughts about how the session went and what to work on next, which was very useful and appreciated. He tried hard to understand where the problems were, this, in my opinion was the most difficult part. He understood, I believe, that his pupil was fairly shy and a little nervous and did his best to make her feel at ease. She definitely improved during the weeks leading up to the AS Level exam and went in with a fighting chance which she didn’t feel she had before. Her confidence increased as the grammar etc she was stuck/confused with before became clearer during the sessions, therefore we would definitely recommend Kane to others. Thank you.
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