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Degree: Law (Bachelors) - Bristol University

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Hi, my name is Ruby O'Brien and I am currently in my 1st year at Bristol University studying Law! I achieved an A* in English Literature at A Level, and A*s in both English Language and Literature at GCSE. I loved studying English Literature in depth at A Level as reading for enjoyment has always been a big part of my life. Furthermore, the vital English language and analytical skills I learned and applied during my GCSEs and A Levels will now be crucial to my success in my Law degree.

I believe I have particular expertise that will help you to tailor your own individual exam technique to meet the specific criteria of your English examination boards, and to build up your analytical skills and eloquence in essay style answers that will get you those top marks. Outside of academics, I am a competitive swimmer and have been for 9 years now, which involves a lot of early mornings before school (now university) and long weekends by pools and yet I wouldn't change all the time I've put into such a great sport for the world.


Although I am new to MyTutor, I am not new to tutoring as I have 2 years of successful experience with mentoring students at my school to aid them in achieving their important C grades in Maths and English Language GCSEs whilst studying for my A Levels. I also had a tutor in Year 12 who taught me the entirety of my A Level History outside of my school hours in 1 year, where I gained an A grade, so having experienced both sides of tutition I understand and believe in the benefits that 1-to-1 mentoring can bring you.

What I can offer you

I can offer you valuable and flexible sessions where we work through problems with concepts or techniques that perhaps you just haven't managed to get your head around yet and that you feel are holding you back from achieving your goals in English. We can work together on improving your written skills and approach to questions, both of which are pivotal to success in both GCSEs. Despite having different criteria and subject matter, the skills required in English Literature and Language GCSEs are very similar, and once you master them you often will find that tailoring your answers to what your exam board wants can feel so much easier, because the control in the answers will be in your hands and not theirs.

I am also well read in English literary classics after having studied English Literature, and will be able to offer immediate aid in a significant majority of texts that are studied by students at GCSE. Any texts I have not yet read I am more than happy to go away and read from an academic perspective, then come back to you after since I love any opportunity to read literature! I can work through analysis of specific extracts with you, or discuss more widely about the themes and context of any drama, poetry, or prose that you are studying for your course and how best to use and work with them when it comes to your exams.

We can look through past exam questions and work through approaches to reading, planning, and writing essays in a way that suits you and will bring out the best answers in you in a time pressured exam situation. Everybody works in a different way when it comes to exams, especially written ones, and I don't believe in a one size fits all approach. Once I get to know you and thw way in which you work best, we can come up with a method together that will allow you to feel as best prepared and comfortable as possible when you go into your exams.

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English Language GCSE £18 /hr
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Questions Ruby has answered

How do I analyse an extract in such a way that I don't come across as simply 'feature spotting'?

Analysis of any extract, fictional or non fictional, should begin with reading for meaning. Keep in mind that the writer did not write the text with the intention of it being filled with literary techniques for students to spot; the text is there and written in a certain way with these techniq...

Analysis of any extract, fictional or non fictional, should begin with reading for meaning. Keep in mind that the writer did not write the text with the intention of it being filled with literary techniques for students to spot; the text is there and written in a certain way with these techniques to create an intended effect upon the reader.

The first time you read the extract in the exam, you should try to refrain from highlighting techniques or annotating the extract as this may distract you from gaining an overall feeling for the tone of the text and the impact the writer is trying to have on their reader. After this initial reading, then go back through the text and annotate key points that you feel you can analyse in terms of their effect on the reader and the way in which the writer used techniques of language, structure or form to create this effect.

The main body of your essay or answer should then follow this 'zooming in' approach; with the overall argument or points you're trying to get across being focused on the achieved impact on the reader the writer tries to create, then zooming in for each paragraph of the essay on an impacting moment in the text, or certain tone you felt when reading, and then finally focusing in on how the reader uses a technique to achieve this and why it is effective.

When using this approach, it ensures that the points you are making do not sound like you are tick boxing your exam board's criteria and instead it allows you to write a more cogent, fluid and intelligent answer which is ultimately what any English examiner is going to want to read.

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10 months ago

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