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Degree: Philosophy and Politics with Study Abroad (Bachelors) - Exeter University

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About me

Hello everyone!

My name is Giusy Adriana and I am a bilingual Italian / English Philosophy and Politics student at the University of Exeter. I understand. I consider myself to be a empathetic, engaged and knowledgeable tutor. I also really love the subjects I am teaching so there is a good dose of enthusiasm thrown in too! I am here to teach Italian (my native language), Philosophy, Politics and French, as I have studied the language for many years.

I have just spent a year abroad studying at Sciences Po, Paris - a prestigious Social Sciences university in Paris. 

My qualifications

I grew up in Italy, where I was raised in a bilingual household. I went to a "Liceo Linguistico", an academic school that specialises in Modern Languages. The languages I studied were: English, French and German - alongside other subjects as well. I graduated with a diploma with a really good score (95/100), but I really struggled with Maths and Chemistry (which were compulsory subjects), so I really understand that school can be hard or just downright frustrating. I have language certificates in English and French (DELF).
I spent my third year of univeristy studying in France - where I studied in both French and English. I achieved a 2.1 during my first two years at Exeter and a 1.1 equivalent in France.

I have also taken part of extra-curricular activities: I was Vice-president of the Philosophy Society at my university and I am active contributer on my university's student-lead media.

I have tutored Italian students in the past too and they all achieved more than they were expecting when we first started out!

My method

I believe that succesful tutoring is not a one size fits all. My aim is to taylor my teaching to the person on the other side of the line. One way I do this, is by asking you what your interests are, so I can come up with reading exercises on topics that you find engaging. I like to set indicative short-term and long-term goals for learning. I also believe that confidence is key in feeling better about your learning, so I open to listening to what concerns are effecting your learning. I am also happy to hear what advice your teachers and parents have given you.

I am looking forward to meeting you !

Subjects offered

Italian A Level £20 /hr
Philosophy A Level £20 /hr
French GCSE £18 /hr
French GCSE £18 /hr
Italian GCSE £18 /hr
Philosophy GCSE £18 /hr
Italian IB £20 /hr
Philosophy IB £20 /hr
French 13 Plus £18 /hr


Esame di Stato, Liceo Linguistico [State Exam - Languages Academy, A Level equivalent]A-levelA295/100
Italian Language and Literature - State Exam paperA-levelA215/15
English Language and Literate - State Exam paperA-levelA215/15
French Language and Literature - State Exam paperA-levelA213/15
German Language and Literature - State Exam paperA-levelA213/15
Philosophy - State exam PaperA-levelA214/15
Maths - State Exam PaperA-levelA213/15
Multi-Subject Panel - State Exam (Spoken English, German Literature, French Literature, English Literature, Latin Literature, Italian Literature, Maths, Physics. History, Philosophy)A-levelA230/30
Personal Dissertation - State ExamA-levelA25/5
Bonus Points added for Outstanding PerformanceA-levelA22/5
Points Awarded based on academic average in the last three years of schoolingA-levelA220/25
DELF Certificate in FrenchA-levelA2Bien
Zertifikat Deutsch fuer JuegendlicheA-levelA2Befriedigend
Disclosure and Barring Service

CRB/DBS Standard


CRB/DBS Enhanced


General Availability

Currently unavailable: for regular students

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Weeks availability
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Questions Giusy has answered

Essere o Avere? Which auxiliary verb must I use?

Ah! the famous auxiliary verbs. Here is a handy guide - You use "avere" with ACTIVE TRANSITIVE verbs. Here is an example Io HO mangiato - I have eaten. The verb "eaten" describes an action carried out by the ACTOR (IO) - that is why we call it an ACTIVE VERB. Why do we call it an TRANSITIV...

Ah! the famous auxiliary verbs. Here is a handy guide -

You use "avere" with ACTIVE TRANSITIVE verbs. Here is an example

Io HO mangiato - I have eaten.

The verb "eaten" describes an action carried out by the ACTOR (IO) - that is why we call it an ACTIVE VERB.

Why do we call it an TRANSITIVE VERB? Because the action it deserves "TRANSITA" (transits) from the ACTOR the the OBJECT (I - actor - have eaten ---> the apple, object).

Another example? 

Io - ho - amato ( I have loved). Can you tell me how this verb is active and why it is transitive?


We use "essere" when the verb is PASSIVE 

IMPERSONAL . i.e.: "sembrare" - "to look like"

"Mi e' sembrato strano" - It looked strange to me


mi sono lavato/a ( I washed MYSELF)


there is no hard and fast rules in this case :(

BUT generally speaking "AVERE" will work, especially if you can tell the ACTOR clearly carried out the action 

"Io HO dormito" - I slept, is a good example

ESSERE will go down a treat with verbs indicating movement
"Io ho corso" - I ran

These are the basic! I hope it helps!

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11 months ago

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