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About Me: I am an undergraduate Geography student at Bristol University. I have always had a keen interest and passion in Geography and languages and I hope that my tutorials reflect that. I am bi-lingual in Italian and I have a very sound written and spoken knowledge of French. I am keen on languages and their ability to open up whole new culture and I hope enhance your confidence and ability in foreign languages. I am a very approachable, engaging and enthusiastic person eager to pass on my passion for my subjects. I have tutored a young boy aged 9 in basic English and Maths for his Kumon and 11+ preparation. I also have 2 younger brothers who constantly require homework help so I’ve helped out with a wide range of subjects across various levels. The Sessions: I’m very keen on interactive sessions tailored around your needs so I will cover any areas which you require any further help. I believe it’s key to make use of a wide range of learning methods in sessions to keep things fun and diverse. Geography- the key is to grasp the concepts and have a contextual understanding through the use of up-to-date case studies. I am very familiar with the exam technique for A level Edexcel Geography so I can help prepare for the dreaded exams. Key to these exams is knowing what the examiner is looking for, understanding the key and command words and, most importantly, structuring your answers logically.  I also believe it’s important to understand the ‘bigger picture’- geography is happening all around us daily and I’ve found discussions about current affairs in the natural world invaluable to understanding geography and its relevance. Languages- as languages are key for communication, I am very keen to conduct my sessions exclusively in French/ Italian. I did both languages up to A-Level and I was always put off by the monotonous and repetitive nature of teaching. Vocab is key for any language and so any form of discussion (about your preferred topic!) will further enhance your range and confidence. What Next? If you have any questions, please send me a Webmail or book a Meet the Tutor Session. Please remember to specify what exam board you’re doing and if there are any particular areas you’d like to focus on. I look forward to hearing from you. 

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Geography A Level £20 /hr
Italian A Level £20 /hr
Geography GCSE £18 /hr
Italian GCSE £18 /hr
Maths GCSE £18 /hr
Maths GCSE £18 /hr
Maths GCSE £18 /hr
French 13 Plus £18 /hr
Geography 13 Plus £18 /hr
Maths 13 Plus £18 /hr
Maths 11 Plus £18 /hr


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Questions Michela has answered

What factors affect the social and economic impacts of an earthquake?

Magnitude- an earthquake higher up the richter scale is more potent so more likely to cause economic damage and a higher death/ injury toll Location- a natural disaster is defined as the overlapping of a natural hazard (in this case the earthquake) and a vulnerable population. If an earthqua...

Magnitude- an earthquake higher up the richter scale is more potent so more likely to cause economic damage and a higher death/ injury toll

Location- a natural disaster is defined as the overlapping of a natural hazard (in this case the earthquake) and a vulnerable population. If an earthquake where a vulnerable population is not present, then there will be no social impacts and very few, if any, economic impacts.

Population Density- an earthquake hitting an area with a high population density is most likely to cause severe social impacts as the death and injured toll will be higher

Infrastructure- this is key when looking at the impacts of an earthquake. Over 80% of deaths due to an earthquake are caused the collapse of infrastructure. If a building is earthquake proof, it will both protect the people inside it and those near it as it will not collapse. Better infrastructure also reduces economic implications as it does not require re-building.

Infrastructure is also very important when looking at the secondary impacts of an earthquake and the recovery of a nation. If the roads, railway and bridges were badly damaged then it is unlikely aid can reach the affected areas quickly thus exacerbating the social impacts.

Knowledge- if a population knows how to react to an earthquake, they can greatly reduce its repercussions. This involves earthquake drills and knowing how to act when tremors are felt and having a 3 day emergency supply of food and water.

Time of day- the time of day an earthquake strikes is very important in a populations ability to react and ensure safety. An earthquake that occurs overnight will catch people off guard and thus they may not be able to efficiently seek shelter. This is likely to increase the death toll.

Vulnerability of the population- earthquakes require swift reactions from the population to move. Young children or the elderly are often reliable upon others and thus more vulnerable in an earthquake situation.

Property Value- this is key when examining the economic implications of an earthquake. An earthquake striking on a key global city (e.g Tokyo) would cause billions dollars worth of damage. Whereas, this number would be far reduced if it struck a rural region. 

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10 months ago

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