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George H.

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Degree: Chemistry (MSci) (Masters) - Bristol University

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Hi, I'm George, a second year chemistry student at the University of Bristol. I greatly enjoyed chemistry, maths, and physics A-levels and GCSEs, and have grown to enjoy them even more since! My passion for and knowledge of these subjects means I am able and very willing to help out anyone who asks me to. Friendly and easy-going, I am very patient and always will welcome messages and questions you might have for me. What's your tutoring style? I have a very reactive style: my aim is to help you where you are struggling or where you feel you need it. I will always be happy to go back to basics to help you, so we can slowly build up to a high level of understanding. This will result in you being more able to answer exam questions leading to more marks and higher grades! Understanding the basics isn't just good for exams though, it will help you throughout your career, as I myself have found, and makes learning new things much, much easier! I am a huge fan of the classroom app that mytutor uses. Expect lots of drawings and diagrams! How else can you help me? I can also give advice on coursework! Coursework can seem like a monumental task if you don't know where to start, I have been there and done it all before. Fear not! I can guide you through your coursework, making it more manageable and, hopefully, more enjoyable too! Great! How can I book a session? Just send me a message with any questions you have and we'll work together to find the best time for us both. I look forward to meeting you!

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Chemistry A Level £24 /hr
Maths A Level £24 /hr
Chemistry GCSE £22 /hr
Maths GCSE £22 /hr
Physics GCSE £22 /hr
Science GCSE £22 /hr


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Currently unavailable: for new students

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4.8from 19 customer reviews

Reddy (Parent) March 22 2017

Today we did some basic chemistry calculations. Although I had trouble getting it done, he had guided me throughout the whole question and made it feel less hard.

Reddy (Parent) March 12 2017

Today we did mass spectroscopy and IF spectroscopy and we went through in detail about the chapter.

Reddy (Parent) January 19 2017

We went through some remaining doubts I had on the naming of hydrocarbons and we managed to cover them all efficiently

Reddy (Parent) January 22 2017

Hi George, Understand the class did not go well due to technical issues. Please advise to book for the same class tomorrow. Regards,
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Questions George has answered

What are the products of the reaction between an acid and a base?

A salt and water (H2O). H+ from the acid and OH- from the base combine to make water. The salt formed depends on the acid and base counterions, and is usually dissolved in water.

11 months ago

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