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Degree: Medical Sciences (Bachelors) - Exeter University

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​About me: I'm currently studying Medical Sciences at the University of Exeter. I love this course as it doesn't only incorporate the key biological concepts, but also focuses on the medical application of these. ​I've always had a huge passion for science, wanting to know how things work and why reactions and natural processes happen as they do. I find speaking another language, French, fluently, helps as it allows me to extend the sources I can access to improve my knowledge, in respect to whatever subject/topic I'll be interested at the time. It is asso very useful when travelling abroad and interacting with the local. Sharing my love for Science and French is what I love doing best. I used to actively lead the Medical Society at my old school as well as weekly French clinics for other students. I have been a Scout for 15 years, recently finishing a year's worth of leading Beaver Scout group (6-8 year olds), and I frequently play basketball and tennis outside my lessons. This has helped develop very strong time management skills, of which I would be happy to share with any tutees.

About my sessions

I want my sessions to be led by the tutees. I think the student should be the at the centre of the tutorial, allowing him/her to guide me where they want to go with me helping them along the way. Every person has their own specific way of learning which works best for them, I don't believe there's one universal way for everyone. Therefore, I will use an array of different learning methods (diagrams, videos, practise questions, practise explaining ideas/concepts to others) to find the one which works best for each individual tutee. Most importantly, I aim to make the sessions fun and as interactive as possible. It has been shown that when you're enjoying yourself and have the motivation to learn, it is easier to understand and to grasp complicated concepts. What do I do now? ​I would love to answer any questions you may have, so please drop me 'Webmail' message or book a 'Meet the Tutor Session'. If you could provide me with both your exam board and any topics/concepts which you are struggling with that would be very helpful. I look forward to meeting you!

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Biology A Level £30 /hr
Chemistry A Level £30 /hr
French A Level £30 /hr
Maths A Level £30 /hr
Biology GCSE £30 /hr
Chemistry GCSE £30 /hr
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Agnes (Parent)

Ferdinand is a brilliant tutor, experienced, dedicated who establishes a great rapport with the student. He took our daughter up at least a grade in Maths to an A* and she looked forward to their highly interactive sessions. He also gave us great support and encouragement and he is just a lovely person to deal with. Thank you!

Jill (Parent) April 6 2017

Ferdinand has been an excellent tutor and has helped my daughter prepare for her A level biology exam. She found the tutorials fun and the teaching at the correct level. I especially appreciate the flexibility of Ferdinand to schedule the tutorials and manage the time difference whilst she was travelling in Australia. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ferdinand and the My Tutor philosophy.

Judith (Parent) May 23 2017

Extremely helpful, and quick. Really helped with the trickier aspects of chemistry and is supportive in his help.

Agnes (Parent) April 22 2017

Ferdinand is very thorough and his explanations are very clear and helpful. He has really helped me in improving my maths and is very professional and supportive.
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Questions Ferdinand has answered

How does a neuron maintain its resting potential and why is it important?

The membrane of an axon contains a large number of protein channels along its length, which all fall under three categories: the sodium/potassium pumps, the voltage-gated sodium channels & the voltage-gated potassium channels. In the resting potential, only the sodium/potassium pumps are invol...

The membrane of an axon contains a large number of protein channels along its length, which all fall under three categories: the sodium/potassium pumps, the voltage-gated sodium channels & the voltage-gated potassium channels. In the resting potential, only the sodium/potassium pumps are involved. 

This ATP dependent sodium/potassium pump pumps 3 sodium ions (Na+) out of the axon and 2 potassium ions (K+) into the axon. The membrane is more permeable to potassium ions than it is to sodium ions (this is because most of the potassium channels are open whilst most of the sodium channels are closed) therefore potassium ions constantly leak out of the axon cyctoplasm. This causes a net difference in concentration of the two ions accross the membrane. This gives rise to a potential difference accross the membrane, a slight difference in charge, with the inside of the membrane slightly negative compared to the outside of the axon. In a typical human axon this is about -70mV, but can vary grately between organisms.

It is important for the axon to have this slight negative potential difference accross the membrane as it enables an actional potential to start.

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11 months ago

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