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Elisha J.

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Degree: Health Care Science (Audioloigy) (Bachelors) - Manchester University

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About me

My background

Having gained 9A*’s and 3A’s at GCSE and AAB at A level I am now a second-year Audiology student at one of the best Universities of the world! What is Audiology you might be asking? it’s basically all about ears, that’s right I am training to be an ear/hearing scientist. Ears are very important not only for listening but also for balance, the ability to walk in a straight line is all down to our ears.  I bet some of you didn’t know, that, right? See we’re learning already!

How would I describe myself?

I am a very cheerful, outgoing and bubbly person.  I am a relaxed and easy to get along with, and ironically I’m also a great listener.  As a tutor, not only will I provide my expert knowledge in the subject but also bundles of energy and enthusiasm and the occasional ear related joke.  I promise to make sessions fun and engaging, it’s all about learning in new and exciting way otherwise you would just stick to school, right? But we all know textbooks get boring so why not try a ‘who wants to a millionaire’ style quiz on nouns and adjectives, a quick game of ‘Snap’ matching shapes to their names, or even watching a watch a funny YouTube video on the periodic table.

What can you expect from my sessions (Mainly for the parents/Carers, but students can read too)

Being a tutor is a very rewarding experience but also comes with a lot of responsibility. Just being an expert in the subject is not enough. A component tutor needs to asses each student’s individual needs and goals to create a tailored tutoring package to help each student reach their potential. I will aim to deliver this by following my 3-stage tutoring model as shown below:

1.Evaulating a student’s needs

Paying attention to what the student already knows- to gauge where the students’ current level is

Be aware of what they enjoy about the subject- this helps to make lessons more fun  

To understand where they are struggling or need extra support

Working together with students and parents to set individual and realistic goals in an achievable timescale.

Monitor the students’ progress-giving the student a clear idea where they are, how far they’ve come and what is left. This also helps parents see their child’s development.

2.Structing tutor sessions

Beginning sessions with going over material in covered in the previous session. It is essential that before moving onto new and more challenging material that a student is fully competent in previous material.

Working alongside School-work e.g. focusing on current homework or projects

Focusing each session on a specific goal or learning objective

Giving the student the opportunity to shine-sessions will be created to be challenging and to push a student but to level which is also attainable, it’s about making the student feel like they are achieving.    

Catering my tutoring style to suit each child’s learning type e.g. some students are visual learners, other practical or auditory.

Giving short breaks at appropriate time- the brightest minds also need a rest!

Being adaptable and flexible- sometimes students have bad days, it’s all about being able to make the most of the situation.

3.Building relationships

Building a healthy relationship with students –  getting along with a student will make sessions more fun, interactive and something to look forward too.

Ensuring professionalism always – As a NHS student I have worked with children before and I understand essential principles of safeguarding and professionalism, I also have a full DBS clearance.

Being a guide rather than a teacher- It’s all about letting the student lead the learning

Pay attention to a student’s passions and what they enjoy learning about

Excellent communication with parents/carers- ensuring targets are agreed upon together with students and parents, to provide regular feedback on how the student is getting along showing evidence of progress.

To gain personal feedback on how I am as a tutor- I am learning from the students also, so I am always open to suggestions from parents and students.

What to do now?

I very much believe that tutoring is all about finding the right person for you, a good relationship means better results and the occasional brew from your lovely parents and carers. However, I know is often hard to work our whose right tutor for you just through looking at a computer screen, so parents feel free to send me a message or give me a quick phone call. I am more than happy to be provide further information or answer any questions.

Finally, I would like to say I am excited and looking forward to meeting my new students. I promise you we’re going to have a great time filled with energy, creativity and lots and lots of learning, we’ll even make your parents jealous! 

Subjects offered

Biology GCSE £18 /hr
Business Studies GCSE £18 /hr
Science 13 Plus £18 /hr
English 11 Plus £18 /hr
Maths 11 Plus £18 /hr
-Personal Statements- Mentoring £22 /hr


Business StudiesA-levelA2A
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CRB/DBS Standard


CRB/DBS Enhanced


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Currently unavailable: for regular students

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Questions Elisha has answered

What is the difference between a recessive and dominant allele?

Alleles are different versions of a gene. Every person has two alleles for each gene (one from either parent). For example, the gene which determines eye colour can either have an allele for brown eyes or an allele for blue eyes, an individual can have two alleles of each or one of both. Alle...

Alleles are different versions of a gene. Every person has two alleles for each gene (one from either parent). For example, the gene which determines eye colour can either have an allele for brown eyes or an allele for blue eyes, an individual can have two alleles of each or one of both.

Alleles can either be classed as Dominant or recessive. If an allele is dominant its characteristics will always be expressed, even if the individual only has one copy. For example, the allele for brown eyes is dominant, so a person with one copy of two copies will always have brown eyes. 

If an allele is recessive its characteristic will only be expressed if an individual inherits both recessive alleles, or lacks a dominant allele. For example, a person will only have blue eyes if they inherit two copies of the same allele needed for blue eyes.

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9 months ago

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