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Degree: Communications (Engineering) (Doctorate) - Bristol University

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About me

I’m Ollie Norman, a mature and reliable PhD student with a first-class degree in physics. I offer tutoring in all levels of physics.

I’ll tailor sessions to suit your objectives, whether you’re sold on physics for the rest of your life or whether it’s a stepping stone towards something different. There are no stupid dreams! I’ll guide you through learning activities that will foster genuine understanding of the subject whatever your level. Some subjects aren’t easy, I remember fully what it was like to struggle in class at times so we’ll always go at your pace. I make it my mission to boost your confidence in the world’s coolest subject.

I did my undergraduate degree in physics before working as a professional physicist for a respected laboratory. I now work on applied electromagnetics at the University of Bristol’s faculty of engineering. I have broad practical experience of various uses of physics, having spent time with CERN, in various universities and in industrial/government research. I can offer insight appropriate to whatever your aspirations in physics may be.

Grade summary:

MSci. (Hons.) Physics – first class, University of Birmingham 2007 – 2011

A levels:               Physics – grade A, AQA

                              Mathematics – grade A, AQA

                              Computing – grade A, AQA

AS level:               Chemistry – grade A, AQA

n.b. Grade A* did not exist for A level in 2007.

GCSE:                    Physics – grade A*, OCR

I am available for tutoring sessions 1700 – 2200 on weekdays (except Tuesdays). I am also available 0900 – 1300 on weekends.

Subjects offered

Physics A Level £20 /hr
Physics GCSE £18 /hr


Physics (MSci Hons, B'ham)Degree (Masters)1
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CRB/DBS Standard


CRB/DBS Enhanced


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