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Tom W.

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Degree: Mathematics (Masters) - Warwick University

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About me

About Myself:

I’m Tom, and I’m a second-year maths student at Warwick.

During my GCSEs and A-Levels, I regularly helped out other students with their maths, physics and chemistry; I found that explaining things forced me to understand the topic in more detail. With the more challenging course at university, I found myself receiving help as much as providing it, giving me experience of both sides of the tutoring process.

About Tutoring:

I think that understanding the subject matter in detail is absolutely key to good exam results, especially when simply learning to solve past paper questions is no guarantee of success. It is also essential if the subject is to be taken further. I prefer an approach based on working through problems of increasing difficulty and guiding the student towards developing their own solutions, rather than learning and applying an inflexible set method. I have no problem revisiting earlier material if necessary; in maths, particularly, a solid knowledge of the basics is crucial.


I'm available at the following times:

6pm-9pm Tuesday - Thursday

5pm-8pm Friday

10am-9pm Saturday - Sunday

I can cover all maths and most physics and chemistry GSCE topics; at A level I studied C1-4,D1 and S1 on OCR and S2,FP1-2,NM and M1-2 on OCR/MEI so these are the modules I’ll be able to tutor. There's a lot of overlap between exam boards, and I’ve got knowledge in a few other areas from my degree course, so feel free to ask if what you’re after isn’t listed above.

Subjects offered

Maths A Level £26 /hr
Maths GCSE £24 /hr


Further MathsA-levelA2A*
Disclosure and Barring Service

CRB/DBS Standard


CRB/DBS Enhanced


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Currently unavailable: for regular students

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Weeks availability
Before 12pm12pm - 5pmAfter 5pm

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Ratings and reviews

4.8from 30 customer reviews

Carol (Parent) April 4 2016

Tom has been great helping both my sons with further maths AS level . They find Tom explains maths questions well and guides them to working through the problem themselves. He uses extra diagrams and explains in steps which they find helps. Tom always leaves feedback after each session on their progress.

Tatiana (Parent) December 17 2015

Very useful lesson!

Thomas (Student) December 8 2015

Tom Watson was helpful as he went through the basics of Venn diagrams and went through a question step by step to make sure i understood what i should do when answering questions.

Tatiana (Parent) December 8 2015

Went over the material which was not understood last time, over all very useful lesson!
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