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Degree: Medicine (Bachelors) - Bristol University

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Hi, I'm Becca and I'm a final year medical student at the University of Bristol. I love working with young people, and have been lucky to gain a lot of experience of doing so. In the past couple of years I have enjoyed tutoring several A-level students to achieve their target grades. Helping my siblings with their maths and science GCSEs has also given me a good deal of experience with younger students. Being not too far out of school myself, I am very familiar with GCSE and A-Level courses in maths, biology, chemistry and geography. I achieved AA*AA* in these A-level subjects, and therefore feel very confident teaching them to any standard - no matter whether you're aiming for a C at GCSE or an A/A* at A-level! When it comes to medical school applications, I feel I have a great deal to offer a potential applicant. Having gone through it myself, I have first hand knowledge of the admissions process. Additionally, having working both as a mentor at the University of Bristol's Access to Medicine summer school, and as an interviewer on their selection days, I have a great deal of insight into what medical schools want. I am passionate to help any student achieve a place at their chosen medical school, in any way I can; from personal statement advice, to interview preparation. Please feel free to book a free Meet-a-Tutor session at  your convenience, I look forward to hearing from you, Becca

Subjects offered

Biology A Level £26 /hr
Chemistry A Level £26 /hr
Extended Project Qualification A Level £26 /hr
Geography A Level £26 /hr
Human Biology A Level £26 /hr
Biology GCSE £24 /hr
Chemistry GCSE £24 /hr
Geography GCSE £24 /hr
Human Biology GCSE £24 /hr
Maths GCSE £24 /hr
Science GCSE £24 /hr
Geography 13 Plus £24 /hr
Maths 13 Plus £24 /hr
Maths 11 Plus £24 /hr
-Medical School Preparation- Mentoring £26 /hr
-Personal Statements- Mentoring £26 /hr
.BMAT (BioMedical Admissions) Uni Admissions Test £28 /hr
.UKCAT. Uni Admissions Test £28 /hr


International HealthDegree (Bachelors)FIRST CLASS
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Cynthia (Parent) March 2 2015

Hi Rebecca, I would like to say a big thank you for the first session on My Tutor Web. You have indeed convinced me to carry on. Kassandra, did confirm that she enjoyed the session and she felt you came well prepared for the session. She also confirmed that you had time left to attempt some exam questions.Fantastic!!! It is definite that we will be continuing the sessions. Thanks again. Cynthia.

Cynthia (Parent) February 23 2015

Very clear explanations, my daughter has definately learnt a lot from this tutorial.

Yousuf (Parent) February 26 2015

Son really enjoyed the session (A Level Chemistry), and we will coming back for more. 5 Star
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Questions Rebecca has answered

What are medical school interviews looking for?

You've spent ages writing your personal statement, working hard on your A Levels/IB, and tackling entrance exams - and it's all paid off, because you've got yourself an interview at a medical school! Whilst this should be the time when you give yourself a big pat on the back, instead, you can ...

You've spent ages writing your personal statement, working hard on your A Levels/IB, and tackling entrance exams - and it's all paid off, because you've got yourself an interview at a medical school! Whilst this should be the time when you give yourself a big pat on the back, instead, you can be left with the question, “what do I do now?" or "how do I prepare?"

Medical school interviews are not intended to trip you up, or grill you until you break down! They are just meant to assess if you have some key attributes. From my personal experience of interview for medical school, and having worked as an interviewer myself, these consistently seem to be:

·        Communication skills – can be assessed by scenario stations at interviews. For example, you may be asked to step into the shoes of GP and advise a patient about how to lose weight. In a more traditional interview, you may be asked for examples of when you have used communication skills, such as part-time work in a shop.

·        Empathy – again this may be assessed by a scenario station. An example would be, “break the news to your neighbour that you have run over their cat.” The personal statement is also a great place for interviewers to ask you about this.

·        Team work – may be simply phrased as “tell me when you have demonstrated team working skills”, or in a group interview, you may be observed working as part of a team.

·        Appreciation of the nature of the course – usually assessed by questions such as “why medicine?” or “why this university?” Assessors want to see that your reasons for wanting to study medicine are well-founded (don’t feel the need to make up anything particularly unusual!) and that you are well-informed about the course. After all, you will be studying it for 5 years.

·        Leadership – again, likely to be assessed in the same way as teamwork. Try and draw on examples from your personal statement for evidence.

These are the main attributes that most medical interviews are trying to tease out. Above all, try your best to appear self-confident, relaxed and friendly (even if you really don’t feel it!). Don’t be afraid to defend yourself if some interviewers get a little fierce – they’ll only push you if they think you’re good enough to handle it!

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3 years ago

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