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Degree: PPE (Bachelors) - Durham University

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Hello! My name is Jakub and I am originally from Prague, Czech Republic. When I was at high school I had a brief scholarship at Winchester and there I learned about the combined degree of PPE (Philosophy, Politics & Economics). That seemed like a really interesting combination to me as I did not want to specialise too much this early on, and that is how I ended up in Durham studying this degree. I have really enjoyed my time there, I have joined numerous societies and in my last year I was the captain of our college squash club (we did not get relegated so it was a success..). During my final year I also realised that I would like to study a bit more, and because I thought that masters in Economics is going to be too academic and theoretical, I decided to go for Public Policy at Edinburgh, where I can still focus on economics but in much more applied way. I will only be spending one year here in Edinburgh and it is going really fast! I am trying to make the most of it by joining various societies (from Politics to 'Water of Life' (i.e. whisky) society) and exploring the city. I am generally a very friendly person, calm overall but enthusiastic about what I do. I have quite a bit of experience with tutoring - first and foremost I have a younger sister, but I was also part of a tutoring scheme at my high school. My mother recently enrolled a university as a mature student, and after helping her pass her first exam in about 30 years I am pretty confident that I could help any youngster with their grades and exams.

About my sessions

In my view, the most important thing is understanding. I am a very curious person myself, and I always want to understand how things work - from nuclear power plant to the US election mechanism to a toilet flush. I take the same approach in tutorials, where instead of simple explaining I want to lead you to fully, deeply understand. That can happen through various examples or problems, or silly parallels - anything that helps you understand and remember the material. I like the tutorials to be engaging, where the student speaks as much or even more than I do, and where we use as much of the interactive classroom as possible - it really is helpful! At the very beginning we will create a plan with an overall objective - anything from improving an essay to getting the grades to meet your uni offer. I will then create a more detailed schedule for individual tutorials, so that every single session is not only different and fun but also contributes a lot to the overall goal.

Subjects offered

Economics A Level £20 /hr
Politics A Level £20 /hr
Maths GCSE £18 /hr
Music GCSE £18 /hr
-Personal Statements- Mentoring £22 /hr


Economics and Social SciencesA-levelA21(A*)
PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics)Degree (Bachelors)2:1
Public PolicyDegree (Masters)1ST (PREDICTED)
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Currently unavailable: for regular students

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5from 14 customer reviews

Tien (Student) June 5 2017

Jakub is great at explaining economic concepts and has really helped boost my confidence in A Level Economics. He always gives detailed and insightful feedback in written sessions and tutorials to make sure you are on track for getting the grade you want. Thank you!

Sophie (Student) April 23 2017

Great tutor, always very helpful. Thanks so much!

Sophie (Student) May 15 2017

Tien (Student) June 12 2017

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Questions Jakub has answered

What are economies of scale and scope?

Economies of scale and scope The concept of economies of scale were introduced by Adam Smith as a part of his famous works on division of labour. The main idea behind it is that efficiency of production changes as the size of production varies. Usually, as company grows, it experiences increa...

Economies of scale and scope

The concept of economies of scale were introduced by Adam Smith as a part of his famous works on division of labour. The main idea behind it is that efficiency of production changes as the size of production varies. Usually, as company grows, it experiences increased efficiency of production to a point, where disadvantages of growing bigger exceed economies of scale. In that case, diseconomies of scale happen. To provide an example, when bakery owner decides to employ more people in his bakery and increase sales in his shop, he will most likely experience economies of scale, as he will still be paying the same rent and would not need any major investments in additional equipment. If he would like to grow further though and set up a whole chain of his bakeries, he will need to not only fully equip all his new shops, but also create a managerial structure, as he would not be able to handle it all himself now. That might lead to decreasing efficiency and therefore diseconomies of scale.

Most common reasons for economies of scale are better division of labour, more efficient trading and sales (buying raw resources is cheaper in greater volumes, global brands are better known compared to local ones etc.) technology becomes relatively cheaper (big companies can afford their own labs). On the other hand, most common diseconomies of scale are managerial costs, bureaucracy, inflexibility, slow response time, principal-agent problem (in big companies, manager and owner are usually two different people/groups of people, and their interest might not always be the same).

Along with economies of scale goes economies of scope. These are not based on size, but on the breadth of the products the company produces. Economies of scope can only be positive and occur, when synergies between production of different goods by one company appears. Example can be car producer which also produces buses. The firm has already developed its engines technology, which can be after some modifications also used for buses, so the company is producing them cheaper than if it was focused solely on buses. 

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2 years ago

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