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£20 - £22 /hr

Greg H.

Degree: Biomedical Science (Infectious Diseases) (Bachelors) - Edinburgh University

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About me

About Me:

Hi! I'm Greg. I'm currently studying Biomedical Science at The University of Edinburgh, and I have a real passion for science and especially biology. I offer tuition in Biology and French from absolute beginners to A-level/ Higher. I've tutored in both subjects in the past with my pupils achieving excellent success rates and I absolutely love it!

Studying at a university with a world-leading biomedical science deanery, I have access to a wealth of resources to aid you in your tuition with me, which I strive to make as light and enjoyable as possible! 

The Tutorials 

So that you can get the absolute most from tutorials, you will have total control over the content. This ensures we cover topics that will help you to get a perfect grade, and not spend time going over anything you have already perfected.

My main goal while tutoring is to keep things simple and fun; it's far easier to learn a subject when you enjoy it!

Hopefully, by the end of each 55 minute session, you'll be confident enough that you can teach what we've covered back to me, and we will continue to review everything we've covered in past paper questions until you can whizz through past papers in your sleep!

Get in Touch

If you have questions about anything at all, or to book a free 'meet-the-tutor' session, you can send me a 'webmail', and I'll get straight back to you! 

Subjects offered

Biology A Level £22 /hr
French A Level £22 /hr
Biology GCSE £20 /hr
English GCSE £20 /hr
French GCSE £20 /hr


EnglishScottish highers / Advanced highersHigherA
GeographyScottish highers / Advanced highersHigherA
BiologyScottish highers / Advanced highersHigherA
MathsScottish highers / Advanced highersHigherB
ChemistryScottish highers / Advanced highersHigherB
FrenchScottish highers / Advanced highersAdvanced HigherA
French for Work PurposesScottish highers / Advanced highersHigherA
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CRB/DBS Standard


CRB/DBS Enhanced


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Weeks availability
Weeks availability
Before 12pm12pm - 5pmAfter 5pm

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Ratings and reviews

4from 4 customer reviews

Viktoria (Parent) November 5 2016

Would not recommend. Greg didn't appear on the first lesson.Zero responsibilities.

Mo (Parent) March 21 2015

Michael has expressed how happy he is to be tutored by Greg and no others that he had trials with measure up at all.

Ann (Parent) February 24 2015

Very friendly! Made it nice and easy to understand. Very helpful tutorial, and looking forward to the next ones!

Lucie (Student) February 24 2015

Very friendly, he made it easy to understand. Very helpful tutorial! Looking forward to revising it, and for the next ones!
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