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Degree: International Business Management (Bachelors) - Newcastle University

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¡Hola a tod@s!

I’m Rose and I study International Business Management at Newcastle University. I’ve always had a passion for languages, having studied Spanish, French, Italian and German – so I have a wide range of knowledge and experience.

 I know how much pressure is put on us to achieve high grades at exam times, but sometimes this can get the best of us and we don’t get what had hoped for. I want be able to give you the knowledge, but more importantly – the confidence – to do your best! Whether it’s oral exams or grammar that you need help with, or anything else in between.

If you haven't done as well as you had hoped for in certain modules and are retaking them, I can work with you on where it went wrong & what you did well so you know exactly where to improve!

My younger brother is currently studying for Spanish GCSE and he definitely benefits from extra help from me.

With languages (as with most things in life) enjoying, and feeling that you are getting something out of it is the key. What’s the point in spending hours going over grammar if you don’t have the confidence to use it?

My sessions will be varied with lots of different elements so that they aren’t boring, and more importantly so that you get the most out of them! I also believe it’s important to watch, read and listen to as much Spanish as you can. Just by watching one film a week, your Spanish will improve!

I can also help with Uni applications (UCAS) and personal statements.

Parents and Students, please contact me if you would like to know more!

¡Muchas Gracias!

Subjects offered

Spanish A Level £20 /hr
Spanish GCSE £18 /hr


English Language and Literature A-levelA2A
Business Studies A-levelA2B
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CRB/DBS Standard


CRB/DBS Enhanced


Questions Rose has answered

basics of past tenses in Spanish - What is the difference between the Preterite and Imperfect?

We'll begin with how to form (or conjugate if we're being fancy) the preterite & imperfect tenses.   IR – TO GO (THIS IS A SPECIAL IRREGULAR ONE YOU NEED TO LEARN) Preterite                                           Imperfect Fui                                                       Iba Fui...

We'll begin with how to form (or conjugate if we're being fancy) the preterite & imperfect tenses.



Preterite                                           Imperfect

Fui                                                       Iba

Fuiste                                                  Ibas

Fue                                                      Iba

Fuimos                                                Ibamos

Fuisteis                                             Ibais

Fueron                                             Iban


HABLAR – TO SPEAK/TALK (AND ALL OTHER REGULAR AR VERBS) Por ejemplo: Cantar, Limpiar, Lavar…

Preterite                                       Imperfect

Hablé                                             Hablaba

Hablaste                                        Hablabas

Habló                                             Hablaba

Hablamos                                      Hablábamos

Hablasteis                                     Hablabais

Hablaron                                        Hablaban


COMER – TO EAT (AND ALL OTHER REGULAR ER AND IR VERBS) Por ejemplo: Beber, Vivir, Correr…

Preterite                                    Imperfect

Comí                                          Comía

Comiste                                    Comías

Comimos                                  Comían

Comisteis                                 Comíais

Comieron                                Comían    



Use the preterite when you want to say a completed, single action in the past. Eg: I ate a pizza yesterday. Comí una pizza ayer. You know it's completed action as the pizza is clearly now finished. 

Use the imperfect when you want to say something which was something you did regular or were doing for some time. Eg: Last year, I ate pizza a lot. El año pasado, comía la pizza muchas veces.

Also you use the imperfect to say something you were doing and then something happened during this time you use the preterite.  (Think of the preterite interrupting the imperfect)


I was eating a pizza when I found my mobile phone.

Comía una pizza cuando encontró mi móvil.

So…. You were sitting eating your pizza when you spotted your pone under the table.

The Comía is the imperfect and the encontró is the preterite.

You can use this formation in your writing for almost anything! (It will impress your teacher) Especially good for holidays or if you need to tell a story or anecdote.

Think of some you can do & write them down. Here’s a start:

I was walking on the beach when the storm (la tormenta) started.








¡Buena suerte chic@s!

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3 years ago

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