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Kieran F.

Degree: Law (Bachelors) - Bristol University

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For me, education has always been a strongly rooted passion of mine. Having come from a secondary school where achieving A/A* grades was fairly unheard of, I have always wanted to push myself academically. Moving into my sixth form education at the local Grammar school, the method of teaching moved to a more independent style which inspired us as students to find our own way of doing things in preparation for University. The techniques I acquired from this have been embedded into my academic career. From previous experience, I have found that the best way to make studying engaging and informative is to make it interactive. This could mean many things: it could mean coming up with catchphrases or songs to aid understanding, or to draw pictures to help a student remember. The volume of work students are now required to understand is unbelievable and that’s why making studying an interactive activity does both make it more appealing and effective at any level. Even now at University, I find myself drawing pictures to help remember various cases and points of law. It really is an individual activity which requires a little push in the right direction. Once revision clicks, it clicks, and then suddenly a student will find a way which best works for them - but in the meantime, I will be happy to help in anyway I can because I know how hard it can be! 

Subjects offered

History A Level £20 /hr
Law A Level £20 /hr
Politics A Level £20 /hr
.LNAT. Uni Admissions Test £25 /hr


English LiteratureA-levelA2B
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CRB/DBS Standard


CRB/DBS Enhanced


Ratings and reviews

4.9from 10 customer reviews

Julia (Parent) October 27 2016

Great knowledge and is really helpful. A brilliant tutor.

Julia (Parent) September 28 2016

Technical problems

Antonia (Parent) November 16 2015

Although there was technical difficulties, Kieran has provided me with high quality teaching, in which made me feel confident that I can achieve a top grade in Law!

Julia (Parent) December 13 2016

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