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Get the best uni job in town. Become an onlinetutor.

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Why online tutoring?

We help you get regular, flexible work by making it easy to find online tutoring jobs.

Well paid

Take home up to £27.50/hour, with no time or money spent on travel. Sweet.


Choose your hours and tutor from anywhere. All you need is a computer.


Change the course of someone's life – for real. (And get skills for your CV…)

Happy teens

It’s flexible , and fits your uni schedule

Lectures, essays, exams, social life… We get that students are juggling a lot. The great thing about MyTutor lessons is you can fit them in anytime. Late morning, early evening, on a rainy Sunday after training – whenever suits. And you can do as little or as much as you like.

MyTutor allows me to work from everywhere at any time of the day, which makes structuring my workday so much easier.

Tilman, University of St Andrews

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You make some cash to help pay the bills

Tutoring online is an ideal way to bring in extra cash while you’re studying. It pays better than most uni jobs, there’s no contract faff and it doesn’t involve mopping up beer. Plus we pay directly into your bank account every two weeks. Cha-ching!

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It’s (literally) the perfect thing to put on a CV

When you’re a private tutor, you’re basically running your own business. You get experience dealing with customers (AKA parents and pupils). You hone your planning skills. And you get really good at communicating with people. All things that’ll impress your future employers.

I really enjoy that it improves my communication skills, that I get to talk about a subject that I love, and that I get to interact with lots of interesting people.

Zahra, Cambridge

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We support you all the way

We want you to be an amazing tutor, so we do everything we can to help. We find the pupils so you don’t have to. Our learning space makes teaching feel easy and natural. And we’re always on-hand to answer your questions (or just give you a well-deserved pat on the back).

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Awesome. How do I get started?

It’s super simple.
  • Create an account and fill in the application
  • Book a video interview with one of our team
  • Complete your profile and start tutoring

See what other students say about tutoring with us

Larua A

Birmingham University

89 Latin & English lessons

"I love being a tutor with MyTutor because it’s very flexible, well paid and I love making students feel happier and more confident."

Rishil P

Nottingham University

197 Biology and Chemistry lessons

"MyTutor has allowed me to have an extremely flexible job around my University schedule. The reward of helping students achieve the best grades can’t be beaten!"

Emily A

Exeter University

205 History and English lessons

"Once I joined MyTutor, I became an essential member of a welcoming community. I’ve forged unforgettable relationships, gained invaluable, paid work experience and enjoyed the flexible nature of the process."

Selin B

York University

102 Languages lessons

"Working for MyTutor gives me flexible working hours, as well as teaching subjects which I study at my degree, all from the comfort of my home. I could quite happily say MyTutor is the perfect student job!"

Yasmine A

University College London

132 Maths and Science lessons

"The job is really flexible and I can choose my own hours. It’s also helped me build a range of skills that I think employers will find really valuable"

Charlotte R

Durham University

169 Chemistry lessons

"It’s so rewarding when the students understand a concept that they have previously struggled with. It’s also a fantastic, flexible way to earn money at university."

Josh M

Cambridge University

61 Chemistry and Maths lessons

"I love it when you’re going over a topic with students and they really start to get it; they start asking deeper questions and become genuinely excited by what they’ve learned."

Amber B

Kings College London

170 Biology and Chemistry lessons

"I like that you can fit working with MyTutor around your studies. It’s also rewarding to see your students progress and even go to university!"

Shruti V

Southampton University

235 Maths lessons

"MyTutor really works because I don’t have to travel. I can also fit it around my degree, which is important because it means I can carry on doing the other activities I love."

Matt K

Warwick University

200 Maths and Physics lessons

"I never imagined for a second that I would enjoy tutoring on the level that I have done wth MyTutor. Every lesson has been an adventure and I would recommend it in a heartbeat to any student."

Anna W

Edinburgh University

276 Biology and Chemistry lessons

"As a medicine student, my timetable is often very full. The flexibility of MyTutor means I can still earn some extra money while studying and do all of my hobbies at the same time."

Aimee K

Oxford University

261 History and English lessons

"My students get enthusiasm, encouragement and confidence from my lessons. It’s a really easy and interactive system to use, which means it works really well."

Ellen H

Bristol University

730 Maths lessons

"I love working for My Tutor because it is super flexible to fit around my degree, and I can happily do up to 16 hours a week of tutoring from the comforts of my own home!"

Chloe S

St Andrews University

64 English and French lessons

"MyTutor is incredibly flexible and really is the perfect student job. I thoroughly enjoy tutoring and have found it extremely rewarding."

Anna G

Leeds University

151 Biology and Chemistry lessons

"I love working with MyTutor because it’s such a rewarding job. It’s so great when you see the penny drop in one of your tutees for the first time!"

Leon P

Imperial College London

106 Maths lessons

"The extra income is fantastic, and the flexibility of working from anywhere at any time is invaluable to allowing me to excel in my own studies as well as helping others do the same."