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What our tutors say

"It is a really easy way to tutor, as it doesn't matter if I am at home or at University."

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Jake, Oxford University

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"Got accepted after an interview this morning and already have a session booked for this afternoon!"

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Tom, Durham University

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"I don’t have much contact time so giving up a couple of hours a week helping someone else and revising what I do is great."

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Stephanie, University of Exeter

"As I was fairly new to online tutoring, MyTutor has provided me an excellent platform to continue my passion to teach in the comfort of my own home!"

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Nivi, University of Leeds

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Becoming a TUtor FAQs

Which subjects can I tutor on MyTutor?

From Maths to Mandarin, all subjects are welcome at MyTutor. You can tutor subjects in which you have achieved impressive results and have relevant expertise.

How do I apply?

Register your account with us and we’ll review your application within one working day. You will then be invited to meet us in our online lesson space to approve your account.

What are the requirements to become a tutor?

Our tutors must be studying at top UK Universities and must be eligible to work in the UK on a self-employed basis.

How long does it take to get a tutorial?

Tutoring is a seasonal business and so this depends heavily on the time of year, however, most of our tutors find a tutee within a couple of weeks of joining our site.

What if I’m an international student ?

You must be eligible to work on a self-employed basis in the UK, so if you hold a tier-4 visa this is unlikely to be the case. There is useful guidance on this on the HMRC website.

How much, how often and how are tutors paid?

Tutors end up with between £10-£24 per hour, which is paid every 2 weeks through a bank transfer directly to your nominated account. Find out more on our payments page.

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