One-to-one tuition doubles pupil progress over 12 weeks

Over the last 5 years, we’ve helped more than 10,000 school pupils receive the one-to-one support they need to achieve their potential. Students using our platform continue to show significant improvements in their GCSE and A Level results.

2018 has been our best year to date: data shows that
pupils who receive a term of MyTutor tuition make twice the grade progress of those that don’t.

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Will K

Maths GCSE tutor

“Will has helped immensely with my GCSE Maths. When I first started working with him, I was getting 6s in maths however, he has helped me improve my grade to an 8.” – Timi, student

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Emily P

English GCSE tutor

“Emily is an excellent tutor! She mainly taught me English Language and Literature, and in a short period (less than a year) I improved from a grade 3 to a grade 7.” – Jimena, student

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Matthew H

Maths GCSE tutor

“My daughter’s grades improved from a 6/7 to achieving an 8 in her GCSE. Our tutor was thorough and built a real rapport with my daughter making her completely at ease.” – Carol, parent

This year our tutors worked with thousands of students providing top quality tailored tuition that boosted both confidence and engagement – and helped them to achieve exceptional results.

  • Our 8,500+ tutors continue to deliver exceptionally high standards of tuition. Thousands of parents and pupils rated their lessons 4.9 out of 5 this year, and we’re ranked ‘Excellent’ on TrustPilot.
  • We also now partner with over 260 schools across the UK to develop online tuition programmes for disadvantaged students who couldn’t otherwise afford it. 81% of teachers say that tuition has improved pupil confidence.
  • Most importantly, data shows that pupils who receive more than a term of MyTutor tuition improve by a whole grade on average. Our tuition is having a positive impact on the educational outcomes of thousands, and we couldn’t be more proud of our tutors and pupils.

How do we measure our impact?

We conduct rigorous studies each year to see exactly what impact our tuition can provide to both schools and parents. We work with pupils’ grade data, testing those who received one-to-one tuition with MyTutor against a control group of pupils who didn’t. We compare the pupils’ January mocks data against their final GCSE grades to measure progress. Measuring 2,500 data points across a range of subjects we can demonstrate that a pupil receiving at least 12 weeks of MyTutor tuition makes on average a whole grade of progress.  And in some cases, pupils make up to four times the progress.

What makes it so powerful?

1. Tutors Our 8,500 hand-picked tutors are studying at the UK’s leading universities, and just 1 in 7 applications are successful.
2. Technology We continuously invest in our award-winning technology to make learning online engaging, interactive and accessible.
3. Delivery By delivering lessons online, geography is no longer a barrier. Pupils get the right tutor, regardless of location.
4. Flexibility We deliver sessions flexibly to meet the demands of family life. Each live session is recorded so you can re-watch lessons at any time.
5. Affordability By cutting out travel time, online tuition is up to 50% more affordable that in-person tutoring. Lessons start from £18/hr.


How can you benefit?

  • The sooner your child gets started with one-to-one support the better. Results show that the best progress is made over a term of tuition (that’s 12 sessions spread over 12 weeks).
  • Give our Tutor Consultant Team a call on 020 3773 6020 and they’ll ensure they match your child with the best tutor for their needs.  They’ll also arrange for you to meet the tutor for free.
  • If your child is already using the platform, don’t forget you can refer a friend and get £10 credit when they book their first lesson.

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