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We celebrated some pretty amazing milestones in 2017. We received our 150,000th booking, helped our 10,000th pupil, built a programme for our 100th school and 3rd university group, and on-boarded our 5,000th tutor. And the team remained obsessed with quality throughout, with 96% of our lessons rated 5/5*. (As an education brand, it can’t be overstated how much we LOVE gold stars).

With such great benchmark figures, we decided to do a thorough piece of research on the impact MyTutor is having on pupils’ education across the UK. We figured if we can demonstrate we’re making a material difference to pupils’ grades, we’ll give more parents confidence in our ability to help their children.

So we went for it. We studied the tutoring landscape, did a deep-dive on one-to-one learning, surveyed our pupils for qualitative feedback and collaborated with UCL to incorporate best practices for measuring impact on pupils’ grades. Here’s what we discovered.

The power of one-to-one learning

One-to-one tuition is well established as an exceptionally effective method for improving students’ academic attainment, and it has been shown to build academic motivation, self esteem, and self regulation skills. The Education Endowment Foundation has found that students who receive one-to-one tuition make 5 months extra progress over a school year.

Tutoring has also been shown to improve:

  • Academic motivation
  • Self-esteem
  • Self-regulation skills
  • Engagement with learning

Our impact on pupils’ grades in 2017

With such compelling evidence out there to support the power of one-to-one learning, we wanted to demonstrate that our own one-to-one tuition matches up. We’d recruited a rich community of inspiring tutors, built a clever, interactive platform and delivered thousands of 5*-rated Online Lessons. What remained was to understand the impact we were having on pupils’ grades and attitudes towards learning.

To find out, we collaborated with the Knowledge Lab at UCL to design and conduct a rigorous study of one of our biggest school programmes. (The Knowledge Lab, UCL are pioneering more robust measurements in education, you can read about their work here).

We worked with the pupils’ grade data, testing those who had received one-to-one tuition with MyTutor against a control group of pupils who hadn’t. Progress was the key metric we wanted to measure, so we compared the pupils’ January mocks data against their final GCSE grades. When the results came in, we found that our students had made more than three times as much progress as their peers – that’s a whole grade of extra progress over a term.

We also found that the impact of tutoring improved with the number of tutorials received: students made the best improvements when they received tutoring for over a term (12 weeks).

  • Students who received more than 12 weeks tuition made a whopping 1.7 grades progress
  • Students who received 12 weeks tuition made 1.4 grades progress
  • Students who received less than 12 weeks tuition made 1.1 grades progress

Additionally, of students surveyed:

  • 78% said MyTutor helped them to feel more confident about their exams
  • 80% said MyTutor helped them to perform better in their exams
  • 88% said MyTutor helped them to understand their subject better

Breaking records at Djanogly City Academy

Djanogly City Academy in Nottingham has worked with MyTutor to provide tuition for over 150 of their students. With the help of MyTutor, Djanogly achieved their record GCSE results two years in a row, and is continuing to see the benefits of tutoring for their students.

Under the Department of Education’s new scoring system (Progress 8), in 2017 Djanogly City Academy was not only ranked the number one school in Nottingham by some distance but was also the second most improved school in the whole country.

Damian Belshaw, Deputy Head at Djanogly City Academy said ‘MyTutor has become a core part of our teaching strategy, and it’s been incredible to see the change in our most low-performing students.’
Speaking to the Nottingham Post, Belshaw said ‘These results tell us that more of our students than ever before have reached their true potential but we know there is still work to be done.’

Feedback from parents and students

We saw similarly positive results outside of our school programmes with hundreds of children making crucial progress in time for their GCSE and A level exams. One-to-one lessons help to enhance pupils’ understanding of their subject and develop their confidence – both of which are key for successful exam technique.

While the aim of this study was to look at what the numbers were showing, we wanted to make sure the rich anecdotal information we were seeing from parents and pupils was taken into account. Our reviews last year captured feedback from each lesson and together, tell a story of improving confidence, motivation and grades that backs up the data.

Tutor image

Steven A

Science GCSE tutor

“I was on a C before working with Steven. 19 tutorials later, I’ve got an A for Science!”

Tutor image

Amy C

English GCSE tutor

“In just a few months, Laura’s English tutor got her from a D to a B grade.”

Tutor image

George H

French / GCSE tutor

“My son Finn improved two whole grades after 18 tutorials with George. He is thrilled!”

What we do

MyTutor matches pupils with inspiring students from the UK’s top universities to provide online, one-to-one tuition. Our tutors are uniquely qualified to provide support to school learners: they have succeeded in their recent exams, have up-to-date personal knowledge of exam syllabuses, and can act as peer mentors to their students. They work to support the work that teachers do in class by targeting the individual needs of their pupils, ensuring that every student reaches their potential.

Our revolutionary online platform empowers parents to access high-quality tutoring regardless of their location. We have developed a ground-breaking tutor-student matching algorithm, so that each pupil receives help from a tutor who is suited to their ability, challenges and aspirations.

Why we are needed:

High-quality tutors can be disproportionately hard to access depending on students’ locations; professional tutors tend to be concentrated in London and the South East, leaving students in other areas at an educational disadvantage. 

In addition to this, one-to-one support can be prohibitively expensive at an average of £32 per hour, making tutoring inaccessible for students from low-income families. Indeed, privately educated students are twice as likely to have had tuition at any point when compared to state educated students.

Modern teachers are challenged with meeting the needs of individual students despite large class sizes and a wide range of abilities and requirements. While teachers do their best to provide individualised support, extra provision is often required to accommodate every student. 

Our service allows pupils to access personalised support which enhances their knowledge, engagement, and confidence in class. Our online model means that pupils can access outstanding tutors wherever they are located, while the costs of using MyTutor are significantly lower than other tutoring companies.

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