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MyTutor has transformed our daughters’ grades”

Vikki, Mum

Read on to find out how sisters Eve and Faith used 1-1 tuition to turn their studies around in just a few months.

Meet The Spencer Family

Parents Vikki and Jeremy knew their daughters needed some personalised support, and with 1-1 tuition they quickly saw results…

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Our daughter Eve raised her grades from a D to an A”

Vikki, Mum

Over five months, Faith turned her grade 4 in GCSE Physics into an 8, and Eve got an A in A-Level Economics.

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My results will help me get into the uni of my choice”

Eve, A-Level student

Eve was worried about her results - and her parents were a bit concerned too. After doing well at GCSEs, it wasn't going the same way with A-Levels. With the 1-1 help of a tutor, she got those grades back up quickly.

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A-Level student

  • Went from a D to an A
  • Became more confident
  • Met her university offer

Because it’s one-on-one learning, I don’t feel weird asking questions”

Faith, GCSE student

If Faith doesn't understand something in a lesson, her tutor picks up on that and tells her, “let’s go over it again,” with patience and encouragement.

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GCSE student

  • Went from a 4 to an 8
  • Found a passion for Science
  • Sparked big ambitions

Our interactive lesson space is tailor-made for tuition

Mum Vikki loves that all sessions are recorded, so she can check in to see how lessons are going, and the girls can use the recordings to revise with. 

Talk face-to-face

Students and tutors see each other via live video – great for building rapport

Share & collaborate

Upload essays or past papers, and work through examples together on the whiteboard

Watch lessons back

You can see how they got on, and students can use recordings as revision notes.

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I’m worried my child lacks confidence
My child is worried about stepping up to the next level
I know my child is capable of better grades

“Rebecca is helping my daughter feel confident about taking her GCSE maths exam this year. I really like the feedback after and it always matches with how my daughter felt the tutoring went.”

Yvonne, Mum

“Magdalena has helped improve the quality of the work I'm producing at A-Level and boosted my confidence with exams massively. Every lesson is helpful and really enjoyable.”

Emily, Student

“I've noticed a massive improvement in my confidence and ability in Biology A-Level thanks to Jessica. I've been getting much better marks in my tests and understand the specification 100x better. She makes Biology seem simple.”

Libby, Student

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