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Sessions with friendly tutors
that pupils aspire to emulate.

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Personalised support to
complement classroom learning.

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Effective use of
your pupil premium.

Near-peer tutoring is one of the highest impact and most cost-effective tools for use of Pupil Premium funding, according to research for Durham University and the Sutton Trust.

Share the knowledge, enthusiasm and contemporary approach of the UK’s brightest university students with your secondary school pupils.

All our tutors are subject specialists who achieved top grades in their own exams. Pupils relate to their tutor's experience and pick up tips on revision strategy and exam technique.

Every tutor has to meet stringent selection criteria just to appear on the website. They are all excellent communicators, build a natural rapport with pupils, and are highly motivated to help others achieve. This helps boost pupils' motivation, confidence and exam results.

Quality Assured

The best of the best: we have personally selected each tutor from over 6,000 high quality applicants

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Strict selection criteria

We only select Russell Group University students with an A or A* in their subjects.

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Personal interviews

Personality and communication skills make for a good tutor so we interview each applicant individually.

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Independent ratings

We don’t stop at the interview: we monitor tutors’ ratings to make sure no one is underperforming.

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All tutorials are recorded and available for playback for a month after the tutorial.

Tuition with MyTutor can be tailored to fit your school’s requirements

MyTutor offers support across a range of subjects including:

  • Core subjects such as English, Mathematics, and the Sciences

  • Specialist subjects including lanugages

  • Help with revision and exam preparation

  • Topics beyond the syllabus to stretch the brightest pupils

Our tutors specialise in working with students in Years 10 to 13, helping them to improve their grades for their GCSE and A-Level exams or equivalent.

In addition, our Oxbridge and Medical School Mentors and University Admissions tutors can provide help and advice to students preparing for university.







Katie helped her student with GCSE Maths and English

Mr O. Stevens, Director of Learning for Premium Progress at Beacon Community College says:

“The process of setting up sessions has been very simple and effective.

When I met with a student to discuss the tutorials he was very positive about his experience and found that he was feeling
much more confident in his subject knowledge especially in Maths”. Maths had improved by one whole grade.

When asked about how effective it had been as opposed to in-person tutoring, he commented that the shared online whiteboard that they can both write on and go through workings out with was really effective so this wasn’t just a face to face discussion but instead a way of working through questions together on the screen.

It should also be noted that this student’s mother contacted me to independently organise History tutoring using MyTutor at her own expense.”

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