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We reinforce classwork by connecting your students with great tutors

You identify the pupils that need extra help

We match each pupil with a tutor, based on their needs

They get regular lessons, we send you progress reports

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Makes teachers’ lives a little less stressful

Raise grades

We give you proven results from pupil premium funding.

Reduce admin

We give you progress reports on your students.

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A dedicated MyTutor person always on hand.

No increase in workload

Tailored programmes fit your needs.

School timetable

Designed to slot into the school day

Classes, marking, meetings, parents’ evening... Because MyTutor lessons are online, they fit in seamlessly with your timetable. And once they’re set up they run like clockwork – as often as you need them.

Lesson space

Students make twicethe progress

In 2018, we analysed the progress of Y11 pupils between their GCSE mocks and summer exams based on 2,500 individual grades. We felt like proud parents when we saw that those with a term of MyTutor tuition made twice the progress of their peers.

Lesson space

A learning space where teenagers feel at home

Our personalised lessons are delivered online – and pupils love it. They can focus 100% on the subject at hand, without getting distracted by their friends or feeling sheepish if they get the wrong answer.

Lesson space

We choose our tutors very (very) carefully

We handpick our tutors, and interview them before they join our schools programme to make sure they’re a good fit. They’re great at engaging with teenagers because – not long ago – they were facing the same challenges.

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