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Amber explains how tutoring raises aspirations

Amber is in her third year studying Pharmacy at King’s College, London. While working with MyTutor, Amber has provided chemistry, biology, and maths tuition to over 15 students! We met her to hear more about the impact tutoring has had on her students.

Had you done any tutoring before starting MyTutor?

Before MyTutor, I had a little bit of experience in teaching primary school children, and I found it really rewarding when they picked up ideas and you could see that you’d helped them to improve in certain topics. That’s what influenced me to start tutoring at a higher level.

What are your students like when you first start teaching them?

When I first start tutoring students they’re usually a little bit shy and less inclined to give answers - you have to push them a bit. I find that as you have a few sessions together and you get to know each other, they’re much more inclined to start giving you answers and show that they are understanding things.

What are your motivations for tutoring?

I love to see the progression of a student from when we first start to maybe a year onwards when they’re about to sit their exams. It’s great to know that I’ve contributed to helping them gain confidence in their subject, and hopefully getting a better grade out of that as well.

What changes do you notice in your students as they receive tutoring?

I notice that they get a lot quicker at things we’ve gone over a few times. I think it’s really useful to have someone outside of normal school who can notice and pick up on individual things that you’re finding difficult.

Tell me about a student who stands out in your memory

The main student who stands out in my memory is a girl called Odi who was resitting her A Levels because she didn’t get the grades that she wanted the previous year. She was paying for the lessons herself, and we met every week just to go through A Level Chemistry together.

She told me that she wanted to study Pharmacy at university, which is what I study. I encouraged her to apply to my university, which she said is something she wouldn’t previously have thought of doing, and she got in!

Written by - Alice Farrell

Alice is part of the schools’ team, supporting tutors and helping give students better access to one-to-one tuition.

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