MyTutor wins Best Tutoring Company 2018

Best Tutoring Company 2018

We always look forward to the annual Education Investor Awards, as they provide an opportunity to bring the education industry together to celebrate all things innovative. This year, we’re absolutely delighted to have been awarded Best Tutoring Company 2018!

Education Investor Awards 2018

Nicola, Robert and James from MyTutor celebrating the win

Who organises the awards?

EducationInvestor Global offer financial and market intelligence for the world’s education markets. Their coverage of market activity provides independent insight for investors, lenders, advisors and education firms working across the sector. Their awards promote excellence in the sector, and the team at MyTutor are thrilled to have been recognised as innovators in education.

Education Investor Awards 2018

MyTutor wins Best Private Tutoring Company 2018

How we’re innovating in the education sector

We connect school pupils with high-performing university students for one-to-one tutorials, in our Online Lesson Space.

For pupils, this means personalised support in an engaging, interactive environment. While for university students, it represents an attractive income and work that fits conveniently around their degrees. For parents and headteachers,we’re a transparent, flexible way to support their children’s and pupils’ educational goals and deliver significant grade improvements.

“After decades of improvements to our understanding of how we teach and learn, there’s a clear opportunity for technology to drive innovation in education at a pace previously reserved for well-funded sectors such as healthcare, transport, and financial services.Parents and headteachers are clearly frustrated by the current state of the tuition industry, and our most recent round of funding positions MyTutor to set a new standard.” – Bertie Hubbard, CEO and Co-Founder

How we’re having an impact

In 2018, we conducted an in-depth impact study which looked at how tuition affects students’ attainment. The results were impressive: we found that students who had 12 weeks of tuition made an additional 2x grades of progress compared to a control group.

MyTutor Impact Report 2018

MyTutor Impact Report findings

All of our tuition takes place in our Online Lesson Space, so pupils and tutors are not limited by location when accessing excellent tutoring in a wide range of subjects and qualifications.

Students and parents who live in remote locations (or abroad) have been delighted with their new-found choice of tutors. “It’s worked very well for us, because we’re out in the wilds of Cornwall – the reality is that we’d have very limited choice” said Alyson Beacon, parent on MyTutor.

Our fantastic online tutors remain at the heart of our business

We exclusively work with tutors who are currently studying at the UK’s top universities. We believe our tutors are uniquely qualified to provide support to school learners: they have succeeded in their recent exams, have up-to-date personal knowledge of the syllabuses, and can act as peer mentors to their students. Their schedules are flexible, enabling a high level of commitment.

We are fast becoming the largest provider of work to university students in the UK. Over 60,000 tutors have applied to join our site, and we recruit approximately 1 in 7 of those as part of a rigorous selection process. Tutors appreciate the opportunity to do flexible, rewarding work which is well compensated and complements their chosen degree.

We work with hundreds of schools to support disadvantaged pupils

Our partnerships with schools and universities have significantly grown in number and scale over the past year. We’ve worked with schools’ pupil premium officers and SLTs to develop tailored intervention programmes for their disadvantaged pupils. Online portals allow teachers to upload pupils’ assessment data and our dedicated tutors create bespoke sessions that target individuals pupils’ learning gaps. All progress is then reported by tutors via the online dashboard, making it easy for teachers to track.

The Education Endowment Foundation has found that one-to-one tuition is a high-impact pupil premium strategy. Our model provides a cost-effective alternative to other tuition services traditionally used by schools, offering a scalable and targeted solution which supports teachers and improves students’ academic attainment. This year, we provided support in 40+ school subjects to over 270 schools and university programmes across the UK.

The feedback from teachers and students has been overwhelmingly positive. “We’ve seen greater independence and greater resilience” said Iain Rogers, Deputy Headteacher at Tring School, “The progress students are making in maths and science has been fantastic, and they’re developing their hunger to learn.”

We also work with universities to raise aspirations

This year, we have expanded our university programmes to include 37 education partners, including Birmingham University, Leeds University, and Keele University.  We have worked with these universities and relevant NCOPs to deliver over 20,000 hours of tuition which is designed to raise the aspirations and grades of disadvantaged students. This will equip with the confidence and qualifications to achieve their potential in further education.

Our tutors’ academic expertise combined with their current experience of university life position them as perfect mentors for disadvantaged students who are aspiring to higher education. The Telegraph reported on the University of Birmingham’s partnership with MyTutor. The feedback from the pupils who have received one-to-one tuition has been heart-warming: 97% of pupils have give the service a 5-star rating.

“Having regular support from an undergraduate helps students to improve their grades as well as introducing them to a role model who may inspire them to consider Higher Education” said Professor Margaret House OBE, Chair of Go Higher West Yorkshire.

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MyTutor wins Best Tutoring Company 2018

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