Driving up achievement at Wirral Grammar School for Girls

For Wirral Grammar School for Girls, the focus of their MyTutor programme this year was on pushing 35 high-ability students, across several year groups, to achieve top grades, with over 600 one-to-one lessons. English Teacher Ruth Murray tells us more.

The challenge

“Our initial goal with MyTutor was a mix of building confidence, and supporting students who were finding particular topic areas in their subjects challenging. We initially started with a selected small group of students. However, as time has gone on, we’ve ultimately opened it up to anyone who wants to avail of it – and over the past few years it’s really grown, expanding from Year 11 and Year 13 to Year 10 and Year 12.”

The programme

“Our programme runs across the whole range of subjects, but most students will ask for Maths or Science, and I think they lend themselves to tutoring really well. However we’ve also got Modern Foreign Languages, and A-Level Law, Business, Psychology and English.”

“Our students have high expectations of themselves and their work. However, whilst their initial focus for getting onto the programme is probably wanting to go from a B to an A, what I’ve found is, after they’ve done it, actually, the main thing that they’ve got from it is that they feel so much more confident.

“I think often, if girls don’t feel like they’re doing well at something, they quickly lose self-confidence and motivation. When they start to succeed, their confidence grows.”

The impact

“The greatest impact that MyTutor has is allowing the students to gain further confidence. This allows students to really target their areas of weakness independently from the classroom. With MyTutor they get that vital one-to-one support at home.”

“On top of that, lots of students mention that the programme allows them to consolidate their in-class learning straight away, that evening, if they have a session. I also think it keeps their interest in the subject alive, which is really good for them if they’re considering continuing that subject at A-Level or university.”

In a pupil survey we ran at our school earlier this year:

  • 91% said they found the tutoring helpful overall
  • 96% would recommend MyTutor to a friend

The pupils said:

“I improved my end of Year 10 grade by 3 grades – and scored the highest mark in my class for my mock. I became much more confident in my abilities and could ask questions at any point.”

“I found it very helpful as I don’t usually like to ask questions in class, so when I have a 1:1 tutor I feel more confident to ask. Also, the tutors were very kind and worked at the speed that we were most happy with”

“Becky was super patient and helped me understand all the questions I asked her, and always went the extra mile to help me to think  independently and correct my mistakes. She’s a really amazing tutor and I went from a B to an A in my maths assessments!”

The experience

“As the years have gone on, the more we’ve used the programme, the more it’s become ingrained in the school, and any initial challenges have diminished. We’ve improved engagement issues by sending letters home and hosting launch events where MyTutor team members come into school to explain the programme to students. We’ve also generated word-of-mouth – so there’s now girls that are in Year 13, who have used MyTutor since Year 11, who are advocating it to others.”

“Another great thing about MyTutor, from my perspective and experience, is the level of support that I get from the team – it’s just next-level. The responses are always really detailed, they know our school and our needs really well, and it’s always such a personal response.”

“I feel like I know the people at MyTutor even if I don’t know them, if that makes sense! And I think that’s a real credit to the company. It’s all those personal touches that are really amazing.”

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