MyTutor & AET in Schools Week: ‘How to make the best of one-to-one tuition’

With the rollout of the National Tutoring Programme taking place this week, David Hatchett – National Director of Secondary Schools at Academies Enterprise Trust – set out the lessons AET have learned about effective implementation of one-to one tuition, in an article for Schools Week.

Reflecting on the trust’s reasons for choosing to work with MyTutor, David explained: “When I joined AET in December 2017 and took on responsibility for 28 secondary schools, it was immediately apparent that our results that summer were going to be a real issue. We needed to bring in additional capacity, and quickly.”

Examining the impact of the programme, he commented: “The benefits were clear: an external review found improvements in English equivalent to between a third and a half of a GCSE grade, and ‘statistically significant’ improvements for Maths results.”

“The tutoring service’s own analysis also showed significant gains for students in tutored subjects vs non-tutored subjects. Compared to their mock exam results, students went on to attain +0.4 of a grade higher in their real exams in non-tutored subjects, and +0.9 of a grade higher in tutored subjects.”

In the piece, David also touches on some of the challenges faced, and learnings the trust has developed as a result, ranging from selecting the right students and fully engaging pupils and parents, to appointing ‘Champions’ within each school to spearhead the programme.

“Schools who appointed a tutoring ‘champion’ saw better results. We tackled this by sharing the successes of the programme – some of our schools’ results at grades 4+ and 5+ leapt by double digits in 2019 for instance. This year we have also introduced the concept of ‘leader boards’ to accelerate school and pupil-level engagement in tutoring.”

To get all the details, read the full article over at Schools Week.

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