What we’ve learned from delivering 150,000 NTP lessons

Welcome back to another school year! We are so excited to be partnering once more with the National Tutoring Programme to help support schools and academies across England. Working with the NTP and so many schools required a huge effort from everyone involved, and it took a large community working together to make it work. There are many takeaways from our experience last year, and we’ve collated the data to share what we learned.

Our first year as an NTP Tuition Partner

Our first year of the NTP was a very positive experience for us, and we are so proud to have been the largest tuition partner. Our goal has always been to deliver life-changing tuition to disadvantaged students across the country, and we believe the NTP has opened many doors to these students, enabling their schools to access the benefits of tutoring for the first time. Our partnership with the NTP has given us the opportunity to expand this mission even further, and reach more pupils in need.

There are many things to feel proud of, but the launch of our 3:1 tuition programme for the NTP was one of our biggest achievements last year. This allowed us to reach more than 30,000 pupils nationwide, delivering flexible online tuition throughout the disruptions of lockdowns, and supporting teachers by lessening stress and pressure through a remarkably challenging time.

The flexibility of lessons scheduled at different times of the day helped pupils who otherwise might not have been able to log at certain times, and our tutors have risen to the challenge in outstanding ways to support their pupils throughout the pandemic.

Lessons learnt and looking to the future

We are so excited to start this second year with the NTP to make an even bigger difference! Last year we learned how to refine and fine-tune the delivery of our programmes to better support teachers and pupils after delivering more than 150,000 lessons.

Schools learned from this process too, becoming much more aware of their own needs and requirements. All of this means we can hit the ground running from the very start this year, so schools new and old will benefit from everything we’ve learned during our first year of NTP experience.

From our years of experience working with young people, we know that so many pupils are looking for a clear path forward. Pupils all over England are benefitting from a term on the NTP, which has enabled them to make an entire grade of progress, unlocking options they wouldn’t otherwise have.

It’s not just academic success that’s important. The impact that confidence can have in making a difference in a pupil’s life cannot be underestimated, and is equally valuable to understand.

The NTP allowed us to give more personalised support to pupils at a very challenging time, and the resultant boost in confidence was very visible. This translated to higher engagement in lessons, and students who were more willing to raise their hand to ask questions and participate in discussions. In our experience, confidence is rarely the reason schools initially approach us, but it is often the reason they continue to work with us.

We couldn’t have done this alone

If we consider each school to be unique, the way we support them is also unique. For one of our schools, we created a video where some of the tutors from the programme gave a shout out to the pupils they’d supported (alongside a shoutout from our co-founder, James) to really give the students that sense of achievement.

We held a Tutor Awards in August, to reward some of the best tutoring talent we have here at MyTutor. Hundreds of parents and students sent in nominations, with heartfelt notes about what the lessons meant to them and the significance of tuition on their lives and their education goals. Three of our tutors came out as winners in a very hard competition, and you can read about them here. We are so proud of all of our tutors.

How do schools access tuition?

Your school can access subsidised 3:1 tuition on the NTP for those students who need support and do well in small groups. There is also a School-Led Tutoring grant, which is another catch-up fund available from the government and in addition to existing programmes such as the NTP and Pupil Premium.

This means you can use the School-Led grant to supplement the NTP with 1:1 lessons for those who need more personalised instruction. With the School-Led Tutoring grant, schools will be given £203 per pupil for 60% of their Pupil Premium, and can spend this money on tuition however they like.

After such a successful year working as a partner with the NTP, we are excited to see what the coming year brings. We have been awed and humbled by the resilience, support, and partnerships we have seen between our tutors, the pupils, and the educators we work with. We hope you’ll consider joining us.

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