Providing support at Richard Rose Central Academy

This year, we worked with 87 GCSE pupils at Richard Rose Central Academy to provide extra academic support in Maths, Maths and Science, before and during lockdown. Director of KS4, Gareth Barratt shares his experience.

The challenge 

Once we saw how disruptive the pandemic had been to children’s learning, we wanted to do whatever possible to ensure pupils’ education wasn’t going to be affected more than it needed to be. Unsurprisingly, our most vulnerable pupils have been the ones whose confidence and wellbeing suffered the most. For us, going with a tuition provider who could provide them with targeted support was an easy decision.

The programme 

We started working with MyTutor in July 2020, initially for a trial period. Once we saw the ease of monitoring pupils’ progress on the online platform and how high the quality of tutoring was, we decided to include this into our strategy for the year. We chose to run 3 programmes across the year including a 1:1 programme for 53 Y11s, another personalised programme in November for our GCSE pupils and we combined this with a 3:1 programme to help our Y10s and Y11s pupils get back up to speed in their core subjects of English Lit, Language, Maths and Science.

The impact

Having tutors who were closer in age to pupils definitely inspired and motivated them to learn and apply themselves. Over the course of their lessons, pupils were confident enough to ask tutors for help in some of their weaker areas as they felt more empowered to take part in open group and class discussions as a result. 

During the running of our MyTutor programmes, we even had some pupils saying they’d like to become a tutor themselves due to the positive experience they’d had. It’s truly lovely to see the impact these pupils have felt off the back of this – to see that they’ve felt so moved to want to leave a mark on others’ lives in return.

The experience
Our experience with MyTutor has been very positive, and we plan to continue working with them in the next academic year. Once the programme was set up and running, it went smoothly and the majority of our pupils really got into it.

Being the only teacher running MyTutor in our school, managing programmes was very easy and I was well supported by the customer support team throughout.

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