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Maths » GCSE

The key to helping students with maths is easing them in slowly to build confidence.

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English Language » GCSE

By reading and analysing texts, both fiction and non-fiction, you can encourage your tutees to think critically.

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English Literature » GCSE

Identify why your students want support: are they struggling with the content or do they want help writing?

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Physics » GCSE

Students must understand the basics to build on their Physics knowledge, so identifying what students haven’t grasped is key.

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Chemistry » GCSE

The breadth of Chemistry GCSE is a challenge, but also a chance to show your students how relevant Chemistry is.

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Biology » GCSE

When teaching Biology, it is best to start with the simplest topics, and then proceed one step at a time.

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French » GCSE

Make sure your student is engaged throughout the lesson, so they look forward to the next one!

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German » GCSE

It’s important to teach your students German grammar and useful vocabulary, but also to build their confidence.

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Spanish » GCSE

Spanish GCSE is challenging: students must hone their speaking, listening, writing and reading skills. But it’s fun too!

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Geography » GCSE

Show your students how to take a geographical approach to understanding the world.

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Computing » GCSE

Tutoring is an opportunity to show students how fascinating Computing can be.

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General » GCSE

This year, the grading system - and the English and Maths syllabuses - are changing.

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