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Amy E.

Amy E.

£36 /hr

Physics with Professional Experience (Integrated Masters)

Exeter University

59 reviews

148 completed lessons

Nick K.

Nick K.

£24 /hr

English (Bachelors)

St Andrews University

38 reviews

143 completed lessons

Jack L.

Jack L.

£22 /hr

Physics (Bachelors)

Durham University

20 reviews

33 completed lessons

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They’re also role models, recruited from the UK's top universities.

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GCSEs: years of build up, more exams than you've ever had before and (let's face it) lots of stress and worry. Our GCSE & iGCSE tutors can make your life easier.

In one-to-one GCSE tutorials in our online classroom, you can learn at your own pace. Your GCSE or iGCSE tutor will make sure you've covered all the content you need, help you get to grips with tricky concepts and questions, and get your exam technique up to scratch. They'll work with you so you feel confident, well-prepared and ready to do yourself justice when GCSE exams arrive.

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Alicia E

89 Latin & English lessons


Natalya M. Parent

"It is SO positive to have a mentor in the same peer group and really understanding what it's like to be a GCSE student now. Our GCSE tutor has really helped with both exam technique and confidence."


Megan F

83 Chemistry lessons


Sharon T. Parent

"Millie achieved an A in chemistry! We are thrilled as she was predicted a D in February. Thank you so much for your help and support."


Emily S

24 English & History lessons


Natasha T. Parent

"Having a peer GCSE mentor made a huge difference to my daughter: built her confidence, motivated her and gave her the tools and belief that she could do it. And she did! She’s off to university in September, thank you!"


Damian Belshaw

Deputy headteacher

Djanogly City Academy

“MyTutor is a core part of our intervention strategy. In 2017, we achieved record results and were the second most improved school in the country”


Clare Thorpe

Pupil Premium Coordinator

Langley School

“One-to-one GCSE or iGCSE tuition gives students the chance to develop confidence and ask questions that they wouldn’t feel comfortable asking in a classroom setting”


Michelle O’Shae

Deputy head

Oakfield Academy

“MyTutor enables our GCSE students to work at their own pace, at their own level, and have that one-to-one iGCSE or GCSE tuition that they need to take them forward.”



4 Biology GCSE lessons


“When I’m having GCSE tutoring, I get to be alone in my own space and I can ask any question I want without anyone interrupting me”



21 Maths A-level lessons


“I like MyTutor because I get one-to-one GCSE support which I don’t get in a classroom of 30 kids”



24 Maths GCSE lessons


“I really enjoy learning with my GCSE tutor every week. She builds my confidence up – if I get something wrong, she tells me where I went wrong and how to do it better.”

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MyTutor is flexible and fits your family’s schedule

Because they’re online, MyTutor GCSE or iGCSE lessons can happen anytime, anywhere. There is zero travel, so you can fit it snugly between football and dinner. Even on holiday. And you’ll always get your kids the best iGCSE & GCSE tutor, instead of whoever’s close by.

What our amazing iGCSE & GCSE tutors have to say

Brimming with up-to-date GCSE curriculum knowledge and always willing to help

What sort of things do you cover with your students?

Usually we cover both GCSE subject knowledge and exam technique, although that can change depending on each individual student. Then we go through diagrams, and they ask questions, and we go from there.


Answered by Oliver B

Studies Medical Pharmacology at Cardiff

How is MyTutor different from school?

Lots of iGCSE and GCSE students say that the classes are too big in school, or that they don't have time to ask teachers after Online GCSE lessons. In my Online GCSE lessons, we take time to explore things in a little in a bit more detail.


Answered by Sophie V

Studies Psychology at Bristol

How do you explain tricky concepts in your Online GCSE lessons?

I use the shared whiteboard. We make diagrams together and label them, and often the GCSE student prints it off because they know it's right and they completely understand it.


Answered by Natasha G

Studies Geology at Durham

Do you have any GCSE success stories?

After tutoring GCSE one girl went and told all her friends the new explanation I gave her. And she was so excited about what she wrote in the exam she emailed me immediately afterwards.


Answered by Stephanie R

Studies Philosophy at Exeter

Happy students

Better GCSE results are just the beginning

Pupils using MyTutor make, on average, double the iGCSE/GCSE progress of their peers. And 80% say it’s improved their confidence in school. Which means they’re more likely to raise their hand when they know the answer – or ask for help if they don’t.

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Fun facts about GCSE at MyTutor

Statistics compiled from our internal database and parent & tutor surveys

GCSE tutorials by subject

  • 27% Maths
  • 12% English
  • 10% Chemistry
  • 8% Physics
  • 8% Biology

Parents have kept GCSE tutoring secret because:

  • 30% People will think I’m a pushy parent
  • 23% People will think my child isn’t smart
  • 18% Don’t want to appear neglectful
  • 17% Don’t want other children to judge
  • 14% To give my child competitive advantage

Reasons for parents to get their children GCSE tutoring:

  • 43% boost university chances
  • 36% falling behind at school
  • 30% Don’t have the knowledge to help them myself
  • 20% prepare them for a competitive world
  • 93% of parents feel anxious about their child’s education at some point
  • 33% of parents who’ve used tutoring have kept it secret from other parents

More GCSE tutorial facts

  • 96% of parents said they wouldn’t judge another parent for using a tutor
  • 25% of all of our tutorials are in Maths
  • 67% of our tutorials are for Maths, Chemistry, Biology, English & Physics
  • Most lessons for GCSE & A-Level courses are in Maths
  • 50% of Maths lessons are for GCSE and 31% for A-Level
  • 43% of our tutorials are for GCSE and 40% for A-Levels

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