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Idea and Development of ideas.

After you have done enough research on the main theme of your exam paper and generated some ideas, start doing some basic sketches. Think about the colour spectrum you might use to emphasize a certain idea, emotion or object. Which media? Which style? Try researching different art movements- Impressionism, expressionism , etc. Take an interesting section of your proposed piece and complete it in different styles to see which works best. Add annotations and add them to your sketchbook under the title “Experiments in media” or “Development of Ideas”.Once you have worked out which style works best for you, do more research on it, find some artists who worked in the same style and gain inspiration and knowledge of technique from them.
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Polina N.

Answered by Polina, Art A Level tutor with MyTutor

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Define x and y if 3x+y=11 and 5x-2y=11

This is a simultaneous equations question. In this situation the equations can be multiplied to create a common coefficient: 3x+y=11 therefore 6x+2y=22You can then add the equations together: 6x+2y=22 plus 5x-2y=11 therefore 11x=33 and x=3Subbing x=3 into one of the initial equations allows you to solve for y:3x+y=11 therefore 3(3)+y=11 therefore 9+y=11 therefore y=2Check these answers by substituting x and y into the other equation: 5(3)-2(2)=15-4=11Therefore x=3 and y=2
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Jonathan M.

Answered by Jonathan, Maths GCSE tutor with MyTutor


Explain how monoclonal antibodies are formed and suggest a potential use for monoclonal antibodies.

Monoclonal antibodies are antibodies that are produced by identical immune cell clones that only target one specific antigen. Monoclonal antibodies are produced after the target antigen is injected into an immunocompetent mouse. The mouse will naturally begin to produce lymphocytes, which can produce antibodies that can target the injected antigen. Spleen cells that produce these antigen-specific lymphocytes are surgically removed from the mouse. These spleen cells are fused with human myeloma cells (cancerous white blood cells) to form hybridoma cells. Hybridoma cells divide indefinitely and produce large quantities of antibodies that are all specific for one type of antigen. Monoclonal antibodies can be used in pregnancy tests, in which monoclonal antibodies against human chorionic gonadotropin (a hormone specifically produced after an embryo implants in the placenta of the mother) can detect the presence of the hormone in the urine of the mother. The hCG-monoclonal antibody complex can subsequently bind to a dye-tagged antibody that recognises the monoclonal antibody, so that the presence of the colour tag on the test indicates pregnancy.
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Ann A.

Answered by Ann, Biology GCSE tutor with MyTutor

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The equation of line A is (x)^2 + 11x + 12 = y - 4, while the equation of line B is x - 6 = y + 2. Find the co-ordinate(s) of the point at which lines A and B intersect.

While this question may seem complicated, this question is simply asking you to solve the equations of these two lines as simultaneous equations. Line A: x2 + 11x + 12 = y - 4 --> x2 + 11x + 16 = y; Line B: x - 6 = y + 2 --> x - 8 = y.
At the co-ordinate(s) at which lines A and B intersect, x2 + 11x + 16 = x - 8. If you bring all the x's in the equation above to the same side: x2 + 10x + 24 = 0, which can also be written as: (x + 6)(x + 4) = 0.
Solving this equation for x: x + 6 = 0 (x = - 6) AND x + 4 = 0 (x = - 4)When x = - 6, y = (- 6) - 8 = - 14 AND when x = - 4, y = (- 4) - 8 = - 12...
Therefore lines A and B cross at two points: (- 6, -14) and (-4, -12)
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Ann A.

Answered by Ann, Maths GCSE tutor with MyTutor

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How to compare and contrast the authors of one text with another when writing an essay.

This is a standard A Level essay question which is asked across multiple exam boards with an ultimate theme that the student must write about. It is also a good question to work through with students as it encompasses various elements of studying English literature at A Level:Comparing and contrasting more than one textWriting an essay on a specific theme rather than on a single novelCrafting the essay itself
The best way to aid the student in answering this question would be to help them plan an essay, as it is often more productive to complete working examples rather than talk about analysing literature in an abstract sense. For example, I would use the topic of illicit love to give a focus to the student's learning, and encourage them to think carefully about texts that fit together to write a cohesive argument surrounding this topic. I would work with the student to think of examples in both texts and then begin to think about how they compare and contrast, as mastering A Level essays takes a lot of time and practise. Most importantly, I would continue to remind the student of the theme of the essay/example, in this case illicit love, as arguments and analysis generally become more cohesive and more easily formed when being considered with one theme in mind. Using this systematic method, the student will ultimately improve their analytical skills as well as essay technique.
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Olivia D.

Answered by Olivia, who has applied to tutor English Literature A Level with MyTutor

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Differentiate the following equation, y = x^9 + 3x^2 + x^(-1)

dy/dx = 9x8 + 6x - x-2
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Emma L.

Answered by Emma, Maths GCSE tutor with MyTutor


Evaluate how effectively Vaughn Williams sets text to music on Linden Lea?

In bar 7 Vaughn Williams uses a rising phrase to reflect the text 'shining'. This could be to reflect how the sun rises as it shines in the same way the musical phrase does. This is followed by the phrase 'timber shaded', which Vaughn Williams sets to a falling phrase, shading off in energy and dynamic, parallel to the text. The word 'whistle' in bar 12 is on the highest note of the phrase. This could be to mimic the high pitched sound of a bird whistling. In the final phrase of this verse, the text 'lean down' in bar 17 has tenuto markings. Tenuto markings mean to lean on or put weight (longer and louder) on the note. This clearly parallels the meaning of the text 'lean down'. The next word in the phrase is 'low', which is on the lowest note in the phrase. Vaughn Williams effectively and clearly mimics the text on this word 'low' by the note being pitched low in the phrase. In the second verse, in bar 27-28 the phrase 'hushed their singing' is set to a falling phrase so that the music is hushing in parallel with the meaning of the text. In bar 41 there is an 'animato' marking, which in this case means to speed up in an animated style. Here the text has the words 'make money faster'. Vaughn Williams has effectively used the speeding up of the music to represent the meaning of 'faster' in the text. To conclude, Vaughn Williams effectively sets text to music by reflecting the meaning of the lyrics in musical features.
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Daisy H.

Answered by Daisy, who has applied to tutor Music GCSE with MyTutor

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Explain how a synapse between two neurons functions

When impulse arrives at pre-synaptic terminal, the depolarisation opens the voltage-gated Ca2+ ion channels. This causes Ca2+ to enter synapse due to differences in concentration. This causes the vesicles to bind to the membrane, open, and release the neurotransmitters into the cleft. Neurotransmitters diffuse across cleft to the post-synaptic membrane. They bind to receptors on ligand-gated ion channels. When acetylcholine is the neurotransmitter, it opens Na+ ion channels. The influx of Na+ ions in post synaptic neuron depolarises the membrane and causes a new action potential to form. This is an excitatory response. Neurotransmitter detaches from receptor, is broken down by enzymes, and is reabsorbed back into pre-synaptic membrane.
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George B.

Answered by George, Biology A Level tutor with MyTutor

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