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Rehana Parent from London

Ellie is a fantastic tutor. With her help, our son got a 9 in his Statistics GCSE.

December 9 2023
Ellie B.
Tutor: Ellie B.
Health Sciences, Warwick University

Sarah-Jane Parent from Twickenham

Best tutor we have ever had he is so helpful!!

December 9 2023
Bhardar B.
BSc Mathematics and Economics, LSE University

Enayet Parent from Romford

I’m the student writing this and I would have liked to have given zero stars if possible. For my first lesson with Sufyan he chose to book a lesson at 9pm and didn’t show up. My dad contacted sufyan and he gave a lame excuse that he didn’t have wifi so couldn’t contact us and he also didn’t refund us. My dad had to contact mytutor and they said they have spoken to Sufyan about his poor behaviour and for him to give the refund. Even after asking for the refund he ignored the message so as a result mytutor refunded my father.

December 9 2023
Sufyan R.
Tutor: Sufyan R.
Economics, Birmingham University

Pamela Student from Hamilton

Thanks to Christy’s patience and explanations I have achieved the grades required to move onto the next phase of my studies. I found her to be very helpful and willing to prepare material for us to work through together also.

December 9 2023
Christy C.
Chemistry + Maths, St Andrews University

Giorgio Parent from London

Caro has been pivotal for my job,thanks to her I quickly moved from a very basic level of Spanish to a advance level in a short window of time.Thanks to this I’m able to have conversations as well as chasing new opportunities in my life and career. Very highly reccomendes

December 9 2023
Carolina N.
Medicine, Nottingham University

Thady Student from axford

Great teacher

December 8 2023
Shen L.
Tutor: Shen L.
Metasurface Enhanced Solar TEC Converter, Bristol University

Anara Parent from London

nice work on past papers

December 8 2023
Mathew C.
Tutor: Mathew C.
Mathematics, Nottingham University

Patricia Parent from London

Excellent tutor, very helpful and understanding.

December 8 2023
Tereza L.
Tutor: Tereza L.
Medicine, Nottingham University

Euan Student from London

Many things covered in a concise but also precise manner

December 8 2023
Maria P.
Tutor: Maria P.
Classics, Edinburgh University

L Parent from Derby

great teacher! taught my son a lot!

December 8 2023
Martina M.
Law LLB, Reading University

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