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Sally Parent from Auchterarder


April 22 2024
Owen T.
Tutor: Owen T.
Molecular Analytical Science, Warwick University

Alvin Parent from Bradford

good at explaining things and helpful at getting through hard exam questions

April 22 2024
Libby R.
Tutor: Libby R.
Mathematics, Nottingham University

Donka Parent from Bexleyheath


April 22 2024
Faisal K.
Tutor: Faisal K.
Mathematics, Queen Mary University

John Parent from Isle of Man


April 22 2024
David V.
Tutor: David V.
MPhys Physics and Astronomy, Durham University

Fiona Parent from Stoke-on-Trent

fantastic as always

April 22 2024
Elisha B.
Tutor: Elisha B.
Chemistry, Leeds University

Kirstina Parent from Bedford


April 22 2024
Vivien L.
Tutor: Vivien L.
English Literature and English Language and Linguistics, Oxford Brookes University

Leila Parent from Grünwald

Very good explanations and comments

April 22 2024
David S.
Tutor: David S.
Bachelors of Science in Physics, Aberdeen University

Shauna Parent from Derry


April 22 2024
Monalisa T.
Cardiovascular Science in health and disease, Newcastle University

Irene Parent from Bristol

Helps me understand a subject that usually fills me with with hatred and despair in a way my teacher could only dream of. Clear and concise teaching and good at working with me as I get to grips with things

April 22 2024
Aishni M.
Tutor: Aishni M.
Economics Tripos, Cambridge University

Chris Parent from Leamington Spa

very attentive to specific needs and flexible in lesson plan

April 22 2024
Meaghan H.
psychology, Nottingham University

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