How to do well in the UKCAT?

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I am currently a medical student going into my 2nd year at Kings College London, having just passed 1st year with a merit.


I received a score of 800 in my UKCAT, to put this into perspective, scores of over 600 are sufficient to get an interview at most medical schools (along with good grades, work experience and a well written personal statement), a score of 700 is considered excellent and anything above 700 is outstanding. 


In my tutorials, I will teach you my method of practicing and learning for the UKCAT, which most certainly worked for me, as my scores improved dramatically as i perfected my method, consistently improving my UKCAT score, and nailing the exam on the day.

Zuhayr A. Mentoring -Medical School Preparation- tutor, Mentoring -Pe...

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is an online Uni Admissions Test .UKCAT. tutor with MyTutor studying at Kings, London University

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