What should you include in a personal statement when applying for medicine?

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Applying to Medical school can seem daunting at times but it is possible to get through that long complicated process! One of the first thing you will have to do is write your personal statement and there are certain things that you can include to show the admissions team that you will be their perfect candidate.

My first tip is that you must link every point to why it either fuels your passion for medicine or would make you an amazing doctor. So an example would be that you want to write about the fact that you play a sport at a competitive level. You can't just write that without linking it to medicine. I would link it to the fact that playing sport has helped you to develop your teamwork and/ or leadership skills that are of course vital skills for doctors.

My second tip is that you should do lots of research on what the medical schools you are specifically applying to value highest in an applicant, whether it be work experience or voluntary work etc. and then make sure to emphasise those in your personal statement. Also, make sure you show that you are aware of what being a doctor really involves and how you would be perfect for that career.

My final and most important tip would be that you MUST include how passionate you are about medicine and how much you want that place in medical school!

Good luck! And if you want any more useful tips or help with your application, don't hesitate to contact me and we can arrange a free meet the tutor session. 

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