What is Philosophy and Ethics A Level?

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Philosophy and ethics is a broad essay based subject which gives you a range of knowledge and understanding of many philosophical concepts, key thinkers, themes, texts and ways of thinking. It also drawns light on key ethical issues which remain incredibly important to this day, such as cloning, abortion and animal testing. During your studies you will cover many theories and study the works of many key philosophers and thinkers, from Plato to Aristotle, to Kant and Freud. 

The content covered is very varied and interresting, and will offer a new perspective and encourange you to consider things from an analytic and challenging perspective. It will give you a new view on the key issues which face modern society today.The subject will also leave you with many transferrable skills which will be very useful not only for your future studies but in your everyday life and in how you approach situations and problems with which you are faced. 

The subject is widely recognised by universities and can work well with both humanities and written subjects such as history and english, aswell as alongside sciences and mathematical subjects. if you are unsure of what will best enhance your university application it may be useful to look into topics covered in philosophy and ethics, for example if your course covers medical ethics, this could be used to better a medicine application alongside the required subjects. 

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